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In which I can't stop singing South Park songs...

Like "Kyle's Mom is a Bitch" in D Minor. And Uncle Fcuka. "You don't eat or sleep or mow the lawn, you just fcuk your uncle all day long." (misspelled on purpose.) Words cannot express my love for Matt and Trey. Or for my OTP (and really, it's about to eclipse my Ewan/Hayden love FOR REALS): Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen. Here's their first kiss, but here's their better kiss from last night. Ahahaha! "You bitch! *slap* then *kisses it all better*

I don't need you to understand my love of Will and his beautiful, soft curls (and grey! Mmmmm, I love me some salt-n-pepper) just know that it exists. And Sacha is freaking sexy, period. Mmmm. GOOD MORNING, WORLD. THANK YOU.

I'm off to get in a gooooood long walk before the heat sets in, then I have ideas for writing! Fanfic! This is very exciting because I've not had ideas for a very long time, and the Lynnevitational is going to be here sooner than later. If you need something ELSE to laugh at, here's a Sexual Harrassment (worksafe - I mean, it was MADE for the work place. Having watched the whole thing, it's an obvious parody. Some naughty words, but you can fake it if you're caught. Haha.) video that made me laugh and laugh. OMG, DRAMA. It made me think of The Office, which I've been mainlining for two days, now. Bonus: dreaming of Jim Halpert, who seriously is the cutest thing ever. Like we didn't all know this already.

And in conclusion on this Monday, Happy birthday to _tayler! Off to walk then read my to_be_read folder with all the great fics you've been posting!
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