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But It Isn't insane On Paper, by fitofpique (at her fic journal). Alan Rickman and Scott Speedman and lord, there's enough pretty to go around, first and foremost. It's utterly charming and witty, and she has an excellent pace established and I just really adored this. PG-13, and she's hinted at there being more one day. \o/

The Office
I am really REALLY picky about Office fanfic (ditto on Friday Night Lights) because the show is satisfying, and there's this trend that has been BUGGING ME about people MarySueing Jim. You read that right. In these fics Jim is really hip, a scenester, except they're trying to make me believe it's Jim. And Jim is... well, he's not the hippest guy ever. He's not necessarily into every cool musical group/trendy TV show that the author is into, etc. He's a bit of a dork, but that's what makes him so charming. (He has a collection of TOURIST GUIDES, people.) And Pam? Let's not forget that Pam wears white KEDS. Which is why I love them. And why I love this:

The Office as told by Dinosaur Comics - Creepy Whisper, created by agate. Ahahahahahaha. Ha. It's funny because it's true.

Calvin and Hobbes
You read that right. This is LOVELY and achy and very, very sentimental. Reminiscence by Kenya Starflight. ( link) Calvin... grows up. I'm not kidding on the sentimental bit, so bring tissues, leave your cynicism at the door, and give it a try.

If we don't pimp ourselves, when do we get pimped? :D If you are familiar with Little Britain or Catherine Tate (or just love a low-class Brissle accent or chav culture) I wrote a Crossover Fic with Vicky Pollard and Lauren Cooper filled with loads of slang. It would help if you knew what a Pikey is. And not because I'm writing a Snatch/BtVS fic where Drusilla ends up being a distant relative of Brad Pitt's Pikey character. *cough* (I'll write it anyway, because come on! It's hilarious to me, if no one else.) Don't tempt me to make a phone post with me reading this in proper accent an' all that. O_O

I've got loads more to read, hopefully I can get a longer recs list on Monday.

  • A cheesy Brioche roll with grilled onions, pesto, fresh tomato slices, spinach leaves and roasted red bell pepper. I may need that again today, mmmm.

  • Topo Chico sparkling mineral water. If you can find the lime flavored, even better. Add a fresh squeezed lime, a shot of rum, and several mint leaves. OR: plain sparkling mineral water, a healthy dose of peach nectar and a shot of rum. No, I meant that. A shot of rum. If you can find Kerr's Mango nectar, add that in place of the peach, some mint sprigs, and there's the mango mojito I had on vacation. HOLY YUM to your mouth.

  • water crackers, cheeses, pears, cherry tomatoes. It's what's for dinner. (At least in my house. Too hot to cook today.)

  • Napping in an Adirondack chair under a large umbrella with a magazine on your chest. I mean, book. *cough*

  • Napping in general.

  • Exercising every day, even if just a stroll for 15 minutes. Ahhhhh, using your body. <3

  • Getting a small child to "do your hair." Little chubby hands for the win.

  • Random hugs for your kids (or pets. Or spouse. Or other.) Hugs in general I highly recommend.

  • Listening to any song created by Danny Elfman when you're in a bad mood - complete change of mood I can practically guarantee.

  • going away for the weekend to meet up with good friends (I am! I'm going to Alabama tomorrow to stay with southernbangel and meet marenfic and her man! WHOO and a HOO.)

  • remembering to put on DEET or other repellent when going out of doors lately. *scratches ankles grumpily*

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