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First happy birthday to my fellow Ewan lover, lennongirl! Glücklicher Geburtstag, Schatz! I had a FABULOUS weekend, one filled with food, drink, whores, and fandom. All of which translates into AWESOME.

I flew out Thursday afternoon to Alabama to spend the weekend with southernbangel and marenfic, except Maren was a 'ho and "hurt herself," so I didn't get to see her until Friday night. SURE. That limp? SO FAKE. I didn't buy it for a minute. (Except she had obviously hurt herself, and I was so glad that I DID get to meet her!)

Lee and I ate, talked, drank, ate, loved, ate some more, laughed, shopped, ate, drank, and... did we do anything else? :D Fabulous foods from BBQ to elegant brunches to a grilled feta, basil and tomato sandwich that made my mouth SPARKLE with the good. Lee's hometown is UTTERLY CHARMING. That was a word I abused, but I couldn't help it! Rolling hills, beautiful landscape, trees trees trees... I loved her town. Her home was so happy and lovely! Lee has this MASSIVE porch (for an apartment? I was SHOCKED at the size and awesomeness) where we spent most of our time when not shopping, eating, and drinking. :D What a way to start your day: shaded porch with a breeze, linen curtains blowing in the breeze, and an iced coffee. I want to start EVERY DAY like that.

We met up with Maren and Mr. Maren (okay, Lee. I get it. He's adorable and you clearly want to steal EVERY HUSBAND EVER. At least you're picking the good ones!) for some Dreamland BBQ. All conversation screeched to a halt when the food came. Because it's that good. I think I heard Lee growl at me when I reached for a piece of meat she'd claimed... Afterward, we hit a local bar and hung out swapping sex stories. How you can tell that someone is awesome: if within 10 minutes you've dropped F and C bombs, everyone's laughing, and there's "my worst sexual experience" stories being traded, you've met people you can love. If I could pack up Maren and Lee and move them here (I'm Texan, after all) I would do so in a heartbeat.

Saturday we girls went to lunch and to see "Knocked Up" which I will be seeing again. I laughed my ass off. Oh, note to you all: when I laugh, I freaking laugh. I... may be obnoxious to see movies with. They didn't hit me (they did designate me as the Popcorn Holder... FOOLS.) so I don't think I donkey brayed. But I was slapping my thigh. It's a veritable "who's who" of funny, first of all, and it's REALLY REALLY GOOD. Hilarious, obviously, but very sweet and lovely, too. I didn't think it was possible to love Paul Rudd more, but I came away even MORE convinced that he should be in my Sacha/Will OTP and make it an OT3. Later, we hustled back to Maren's place (I WANT TO MOVE IN, omg - the cutest house ever) where Mr. Maren grilled and Mrs. Maren made a delish pasta salad. We laughed and talked (and watched Buffy) until midnight. There's nothing like watching shows you love with friends, especially when they're FUNNY friends. <3

Lee totally indulged me and took me to the Botanical Gardens before I had to fly out, and it was SO LOVELY. The gardens were so well maintained, filled with fantastic plants, and there were swings! Like, every few feet there was a swing. !! I want a swing on my porch, now. And their botanical gardens were free, which blew my little mind. How cool!! Lee is completely gracious, she stocked her house to meet any need I may have (I noticed you didn't have a portable defibrulator, what's that all about? GOD. My heart doesn't matter to you??) and was just (as always) wonderful to spend time with. Maren is absolutely fabulous, and I was SO HAPPY to get to finally meet her, too.


Today is the first day for 2 of my 3's summer camps, and I'm off to pick them up in a minute and hear all about art camp. \o/ I'm also dog sitting my folks rascally border collie, and I WORE HER OUT on a long walk this morning with my Sally Derg. Um... CLEARLY my folks aren't exercising their pup, because she is WORN OUT. Who noticed that she's a border collie? And that she's worn out from a 3 mile walk? o_0 Yeah. She's so spoiled. (But she has the sweetest, furriest face, and she's so cute and her ears are so perky, and she'll figure it out. <3) My garden is getting out of control and it's so hot today, I can't bear the thought of getting out there and doing anything. I'm going to have many peach sodas and read HP all over again, I think. I'll garden after sunset. :D

How is everyone? (I know I missed the "responsibility" kerfuffle, but I've caught up through the kindness of emails, heh.) savoytruffle is writing me a NANNY STORY, WHAT? And it's right here (I'm waiting for it to be finished before I comment, because I have issues about messing up the comment trees. I'm a dork, I know.) HEEEEEE!!! What else is going on? HEART HEART HEART!!!!
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