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SPOILERS. (I'm all caught up, including the finale last night.)

Is EVERYONE trying to be Joss with his NFA ending? Because David Chase, you are no Joss. Which isn't to say that I hated it. Thinking more of the abrupt ending is shifting my thoughts, while earlier I threw my hands up and cried HACK. (Note: I've heard rumors that a 2 hour movie is being made. I'm going under the assumption that's all rumor.)

I like that nothing's concrete, that everything is tense and left to the imagination, but I also HATE THAT. Because it left on an incredibly tense note. Is Meadow about to get a bullet in her head? Is AJ going to out psycho Tony? Is that guy on the phone getting confirmation before whacking them all? What about those two guys that came in? Does Pauly Walnuts use fourteen cans of Rave Hairspray to get his skunk wings just so?

Things I loved:
* Tony really seeing Uncle Junior for who he's become.
* Reconfirmation that Janice is her fucking mother. (God, that character gives me CHILLS. Those mobsters think they're scary? Huh. Nobody has nothing on Janice Soprano Baccaleri.
* AJ doing an about face when his parents step in and do for him. (What a prick that kid is. And what a PSYCHO. I mean, CHILLS AGAIN when he was describing the SUV blowing up and his delight in the heat. Hello, Arson.)
* Uncle Junior looking so incredibly frail, and the realization that yeah, he's not faking.
* OH MY GOD PHIL LEOTARDO GETTING HIS HEAD RUN OVER. I had to look away, actually. I don't look away. *shudders*
* The teenager with the hard asses watching and throwing up from the gore. Not so hard, are you, kid? (NO ONE should be that hard, oy.)
* The absolute ramped up fear that permeated the entire episode. (Did anyone else think that the surveillance camera was showing someone coming in with a gun? I re-watched that three times to be sure I didn't see something that wasn't there.)
* The CAT obsessed with Christophuh's picture.
* Paulie's fear of the cat, ahahaha.
* Meadow jumping her dad's shit, "Is that all I said? Is that all I told you?" I love that girl. She should have been used more.
* Carmella's abrupt shutting up when Meadow's friend mentioned how she was in her 2nd year of med school - juuuuuuust what she wanted for her doctor.
* Meadow's awesome comeback to her dad about, "If I hadn't seen those FBI drag you away all those times, I'd probably be some boring suburban doctor." Booyah.
* AJ freaking BEAMING as his car blew up.
* The FBI guy being as dirty (in his own way) as the guys he used to go after.
* How everything went back to normal - Carmella redecorating their hideaway, AJ being babied by his folks, Meadow going about her own goals, the mob still chugging along, no matter who's in charge.

But it just jumping to black like that? Right as the tension is at its tightest? I think honestly, that's hacky. Even though I didn't want Tony whacked (but I kind of did, because it would have been SOMETHING) it would have been cool to see some half-wit mobster pulling - or starting to pull - a gun from his pocket. SOMETHING. There's just TOO many loose threads, and I think it's a bit much. Keep in mind that I loved the ending to Angel and Veronica Mars, even though I was very sad to see both of those shows go (which should go without saying.)

(I was so sad at how Christophuh - I can't say it any other way - died. Freaking brutal. I was so sad at how Bobby died, too. How wonderful was that shot of the speeding train, then it derailing as he feel, filled with lead? I know these aren't in the final ep. Just had to say it.)

I dunno. Maybe I need to start over from the beginning and pick up on some subtleties I've missed. Or maybe I'm right, and he's just trying - in his own way - to rip off Joss. (Did Chase do Deadwood? There was another unsatisfying ending. Gah. I don't want a neat bow, those endings piss me off. I just feel like this is an Alf-level "whoops, it's over." ending.) Thoughts? Comments? Beverages I can share?
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