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I was all prepared to go off on a Denis Miller-esque rant this morning, and then I flubbed while wearing my "Rocket Scientist" t-shirt (asked a grocer how much something cost when there was a massive sign overhead with the price. DERR.) and am laughing at myself too hard to be perturbed any more. But I will post a snarky poll under a cut to get my message across, because I enjoy the snark.

Poll #1001850 Basic Social Skills Primer

I [the poll taker] am aware of your [the OP] love for a specific character on a show. I:

make fun of you, because I think that character is disgusting.
go into a long detailed discussion about how wrong you are for liking said character.
remember that this is YOUR journal, not mine, and scroll on by.
ask you why you like said character and interact, feeling comfortable by your demeanor to view - politely - my opposing thoughts.

I [the poll taker] have come across a post in someone else's journal that I haven't interacted with detailing their love of a show. I have not watched the show, nor care for the moments I've seen. I:

tell you that all people who are brilliant disagree with you. And that I don't like the show anyway.
go into detail as to why you should not be wasting your time on said show.
scroll past, because again, I [the poll taker] do not care for the show.
post in my own journal my own thoughts, because it's my journal. It would be inappropriate to sneer at someone in their own journal.

I have read a post where you [Stoney] are going on and on and on and on about how awesome Connor is. I [the poll taker] can't stand the twerp. I:

comment with "EWWWWW."
comment with "I don't know why you like that little twerp."
scroll on by, because see: I DON'T LIKE HIM, and you [stoney] clearly do.
scroll past your post, then talk in my journal, as is my right, about things *I* like and don't like, including that little twerp, Connor.

I [the poll taker] believe that I have the right to say what I want:

anywhere in any public post. (But you don't have the right to challenge me.)
in my journal. (After all, it's my personal space, I can do what I want.)
whoa, whoa whoa. What's this bandying about the word "right" like we're talking slavery and oppression?
unless it's screaming "FIRE" in a movie theater. Come on.
in anything publicly posted. You [the opposing view] have the shared right to disagree with me whenever, where ever.
in a public forum where opinions are welcome, like a discussion forum.
as long as I'm not being an asshat. If I'm being an asshat, I *should* stop, suck it up, say I'm sorry, and go post my own thoughts in my own space.

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck? (If a woodchuck could chuck wood?)

a hectare.
four split logs.
one long faggot of sticks (that's an actual measurement)
3 barelycorns
Stoney, did you forget breakfast and are zooming on too much coffee?

*cough* I've been getting comments like this for a few years. DUDE. What the hell, people?

In other news, Big Love!! I have crazy love for that show, even though I think it's a misstep that the Henricksons don't wear garments. I mean, they WERE LDS, even though they've clearly gone off into fundamentalism. (Which is more common that you might think.) [ETA] WHAT THE HELL, LJ??? It just screwed up all that I wrote to the point that I have no idea what I was even TRYING to say. BAH. Show = good. I had issues with a few things that most people won't care about. WHATEVER. *grumpy as shit, now*

I just finished a re-telling of Dorothy Allred Solomon's memoir about growing up in a major polygamist family (her father was murdered by a rival "prophet") and I found it interesting how much she redacted in her second book. The original, "In My Father's House," was pulled from the shelves, incidentally. Taken out were her husband's experiment with polygamy after promising her to be monogamous, in addition to a bout of wife-swapping during the sexual revolution after Vietnam. *cough* She and her husband are active LDS members now, and I wonder if that has anything to do with her "remembering things correctly with the passage of time?" Uh huh. Also, the story itself is compelling, but the over-wrought imagery that all of these LDS (and ex-LDS) writers use wears me out. But the story is fascinating.

I have loads of writing I need to do today. This is both a good and bad thing. :) However, I did just fill my freezer with popcicles, so... Life is pretty sweet over all.
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