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Well....'s' word.

So I'm a complete and utter ignoramous. Today is my husband's birthday. Not Saturday, like I had planed on. It's not like I 'Sixteen Candles'd his birthday, I just have no concept of actual dates come summertime.

Oh, the best thing, my sister called today to wish him a happy birthday (he's out of town, getting in tonight) and I CORRECTED HER. Nice. I had HOURS to fix this. *head desk* He just called me from the airport (his flight's delayed) and was all sad-voiced and ground-toey. WAAAAAH. (And you know if he forgot MY birthday I'd be horribly offended. I've never been so thankful that he's a HE in my life.)

POOOOOOOOP. (OH! And when I was "oh, baby, I'm so sorry!!" on the phone, I said the WRONG AGE. In his favor, but still. Ha, he said, "You don't even KNOW me!" Heeeeee!) Take forty-bajillion points off my awesome column. :(

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