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Aaaaaaaall over the map today

First, I need to lay off the coffee today. *jitters out of my chair*

Two mini-rants that are going under the cut...

Letter to the editor this morning read the following (edited for length here):

I am not a religious person, but I do think abortion is muder. Since women want the right to choose whether to terminate a pregnancy, why not avoid pregnancy?

It is so easy to not get pregnant with all the contraception available today - and much of it is cheap or free. Self-esteem and a sense of responsibility are two other less-mentioned, much over looked forms of birth control.

No one has any business having children if she is not emotionally or financially stable. Just look at the crime rate.

It would be nice if daddy was involved, but so many guys just don't care, girls.

OKAY TO START WITH. *unclenches fists* I like how everything is directed to SHE. I immediately fired off this rebuttal, I doubt they'll use it, but it makes me feel better:

[Resident Dumbass] wrote in that "it is so easy to not get pregnant with all the contraception available today" and goes on to address all the"she's" that need to pull their heads out of the sand.

And she's right! Let's face it: rapists and molesters will gladly stop their assault to get a condom at the lady's request. And girls, don't put all the responsibility on your attacker's shoulders. You should take the time to get contraceptive pills a month prior to being attacked so you don't end up with unwanted pregnancies. (It may take some time to find a pharmacist that will fill your prescription, so plan ahead!)

Let's hope the young ladies of today get some self-esteem and sense of responsibility so they can be proactive in not having unwanted babies in all situations.

Sarcastically yours, [Stoney]

Oooh, I should have put in there to "dress for success:" high-necked shirts and prairie skirts can help attackers identify who deserves to be raped, or not. And let your parents be involved! Have your dad/uncle/cousin/male relative take you to get "fem-condoms" or birth control pills before they continue molesting you. Girls: take some responsibility.

WHAT ON EARTH. *stabs random horrible people* I mean, I GET what she was TRYING to say, but WOW. Way to miss the mark. Words are your friends, people. Use them to full effect, not 1/8 effect.

Note: there have been incidences locally where pharmacists refused to fill contraceptive presecriptions due to their "moral and religious" beliefs. Um... So much wrong with that. And how they should maybe not have the job they have.

Which leads me to my second rant, and this is shortened because I'm writing up a massive post with links/references.

So liz_marcs sent me an email this weekend with some interesting facts I didn't know about Mitt Romney from his term as a bishop in the LDS church. One link led to another, to another, to another... And since the Mormon church still thinks of me as a member *stabs* I can look up membership information on their website (I'm taking screen shots for my bigger post.) So... Mitt Romney's dad, George W. Romney was born in Colonia Juarez/Dublan (they're essentially the same place, just different compounds), Chihuahua. What's that, you ask?

*cracks knuckles*

That, my friends, is where the Mormon church secretly (not really) sent members to continue practicing POLYGAMY after it was outlawed in the U.S. Mitt's dad was born of polygamists. Who cares, you may ask. Well, I DO. And so should you. Mitt's family is STILL THERE. And let me be clear: you do NOT live there unless you are polygamist. End of story. That is where Warren Jeffs traffics under-aged brides, for one. That is also near the LeBaron compound where they CHAINED THEIR WOMEN to goat pens because they had the "evils" in them. This. This is who is running for president of our COUNTRY. Oh, and SOMEHOW George (his dad) ran for President in the 1960s - AND HE WAS BORN OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. Someone with a Constitutional Law background please fill me in on how that can be, please. (And if your parents are in violation of federal laws and have escaped the country to avoid prosecution, why are you considered an American citizen? Especially when born out of the U.S.?)

Also, Mitt's great-great-grandpa was Parley P. Pratt, who was Joseph Smith's right-hand man. And a polygamist. In other words, Mitt is an LDS super-star, even has the buildings at BYU his family bought to prove it. He has the full backing of the LDS church, and even said in an interview that the church told him to SAY that he was pro-choice when he ran for governor of Massachusetts, because how else would he "get" that liberal state? ARE YOU SEEING WHAT I AM SEEING HERE? He is doing what the church wants, because the church wants to be in politics. (And is. Mike Leavitt is in Bush's cabinet. Orrin Hatch routinely meets with polygamists in Warren Jeffs' stronghold. Bob Bennet does, too. The plygs have given LOADS of cash to their campaigns. GAAAAAH.) There's an obscure bit of doctrine (not if you're Mormon) that says that the Church will one day rule the U.S. and THEN polygamy can be legally practiced. THE MODERN MORMON CHURCH BELIEVES THIS, REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY SAY.

Can you imagine if this lying sack of crap gets elected?? PLEASE TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS. No one knows this stuff! No one is reporting this outside of the local papers, and they're being subpoenaed in this Jeffs case for the FBI. (And Mormons run the CIA and FBI, ahem. Did you know that?!) Okay. There's enough to chew on. I have about 5000 more words on this topic with links, references, screen shots... This is what I did last night instead of sleeping. ACK.

And now, to have breakfast...
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