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Hi! Alive and here, just immersed in family, etc. Spent the weekend moving a flower bed, ripping up sod, icing my back (in that order, har) and soaking up LOST - I'm on ep. 3.8, so DO NOT SPOIL ME, OMG. Confidential to my sister Beth: I saw another of those things you pointed out. DUDE. I think the way to watch LOST is to catch up with it in one fell swoop. I'm bugged by a few things, but overall, I'm seriously enjoying the show.

Speaking of shows, my POLICE tickets came this morning - WHOO HOO!! I'm close enough to see Stewart Copeland's ball sweat all the on-stage awesomeness and I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL WEDNESDAY, OMG. I have fic/emails/correspondence to catch up on, and if it rains later today, I'll be able to. (And since I suspect almost everyone out in LJ Land is doing summery things and not really paying attention to this joint, I don't think I'm hurting anyone's feelings? Don't mean to, at any rate.)

OH! I wanted to mention that all of our Monarch caterpillars (and Swallowtails, too) hatched, got massive, then started disappearing, and not in the "forming a chrysalis" way. We suspected a rat-fink of a Mockingbird as the culprit. We ran to the attic and got my "life-like" vulture that I use in Halloween decorations and set it up in the garden by the dill, where the caterpillars were. And all the birds disappeared. (My cats and Sally-dog, too, hahahahaha.) "Life-like" was an accurate selling point, clearly. Heeee! I'm trying to IS some weird moth/bird that appears at nightfall every night. Mr. S didn't believe my description until I dragged him out there and he made a "what on earth?" face like you see in the movies. MOTHRA. Or the most bizarre hummingbird I've ever seen, we can't tell. No, really! It has antennae AND a beak like a hummer. And it moves like a hummingbird, but has the body of a moth. WHAT IS HAPPENING? [ETA] It is a HUMMINGBIRD MOTH, derp. Thank you!

(I'm checking for Dharma Initiative labels in my neighborhood, heeee!) In the meantime, we keep singing "Mecha Robert Smith/HummingbirdMoth" type songs like on South Park. I hope you're all having lovely days!!! <3 <3 <3
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