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  • I had sushi for lunch and it was delish. And it was a buffet. \o/
  • my most favorite roll ever was there: salmon skin. It's like crispy-fried soy wrapped in sea weed. BLISS.
  • I am going to The Police tomorrow, and that also is a \o/
  • it is POURING down rain today, which means Buffy DVDs and laundry, but I will have a man helper, as Mr. S is officially on vacation until July 8th. \o/
  • I am about to make homemade peach ice cream \o/
  • and the biggest whoo hoo of them all: I AM GOING TO PLAY A DIRTY WHORE IN A MOVIE. (It's official - I had to be quiet about it so I didn't jinx myself during auditions last week.) I will be a hybrid of these three lovely ladies, and that's the best thing ever. Are you kidding me!? 1) it's a movie. 2) I'm in it. 3) I will be dressed in a horribly hilarious outfit. 4) I will be fighting vampires. 5) A cast member from one of Joss' shows may very well be in it, AND I CAN'T SAY WHO YET, because they're still talking money. Bruce Campbell had to turn the part down, for the record. !!!
  • I did mention the "I'm in a movie, and I fight vampires" bit, yes?
  • I want to talk my sister into animating my horse soap opera and selling it to Adult Swim. How freaking funny would that be if we used My Little Ponies?? Or magazine cut outs of actual horses, a la South Park?

[ETA] And I forgot to mention another \o/ moment: savoytruffle keeps updating her Male Nanny AU fic based on ACTUAL LIFE EVENTS (hahahaha) and it is SO HOT. And filled with innuendo. All of which adds up to WHY AREN'T YOU READING?

Conclusion: life is mighty fine. I heart you all, underline underline. There are heart shaped cookies in the kitchen. Help yourself. <3
Tags: oh em gee, random statements
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