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De do do do, de da da da (is all I want to say to you)

Up there in my Top 5 Concerts, no lie.

First off, entrenous88 has already laughed at me (hee!) because I took ear plugs to the concert. And my cane for shakin' at them rotten kids! Haha, SHUT IT. Look, I was a noise junkie for years, concert goer extreme, and I have the hearing loss to prove it. Why do more damage? They're specifically made for musicians so you can hear the music, it just cuts out the excess noise (crowd) and cuts the decibels in half. In other words, I left the concert with my normal speaking voice (no shouting) and no headaches. \o/

Secondly, HOLY CRAP they were in excellent form. Sting was apparently out of voice the night before, but he was in perfect voice last night. Um... he still has a perfect ass, too. But enough about his show-boatery (and man, was he "working it" and not always for the good. He strikes me as an asshole in real life, always has.) Stewart Copeland, aka Drumming God, got the best applause from the audience, and had the energy of a 20 year old. He was freaking AMAZING to watch. I was about to write three paragraphs on his drumming style, his kit, his jazz training, and realized that no one would read it. DAMMIT. :)

The audience was totally into it, with the exception of the four teenagers sitting in front of us. Okay, WHY DID YOU COME? Two of them SAT DOWN throughout the performance. ??? Also, those were NOT cheap seats, right up front. How did they get there? WHY did they come? Very strange. However, they were all into the opening act, more on them later. Other people around us were absolutely rocking out, white person style heeee! (Read: no rhythm, random shaking and jumping. AWESOME.) People of all ages, all types, all sorts of ethnicities... It was a beautiful thing. EVERYONE singing along and getting down. That's my favorite kind of show, right there. (The only thing that can beat this concert was seeing Paul McCartney perform Eleanor Rigby live, and David Bowie on his Changes tour - the last time he would perform his old songs. Holy crap, can that man capture an audience. Prince and U2 are also in my Top 5 Concerts Of All Time.)

The opening act was Fiction Plane. What's that? you've never heard of the AWESOME FICTION PLANE?? Me, neither. Oh, the lead singer is Sting's kid. And he sounds EXACTLY like his dad, but without the force in his vocals. They, uh.. couldn't fill the stadium with their sound. Which was totally aping The Police. As filtered through Coldplay and high school talent shows. o_0 We got up and left to get drinks until they were done, they were so mediocre. Those teens in front of us? JAMMING ON THE ONE with that band. Let's see if they're coming back for a 25 year later reunion tour...

Not gonna lie: teared up at the awesomeness of hearing some songs live. Like, every single Synchronicity song. GOD I LOVE THAT ALBUM. It's a desert island album, for sure. Here's some songs off the playlist (and they played THREE ENCORES. Two songs a piece!!) In conclusion: ILU POLICE.

Walking on the Moon
Driven to Tears (man, this sounded SO GOOD)
Invisible Sun (ditto)
Synchronicity 1 (dude. bawled. As soon as the synth started up, I was a mess)
King of Pain (they re-arranged this, and it was SKA. So awesome)
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (are you kidding? They stepped the tempo up and it freaking ROCKED)
So Lonely (one of the encores - I am not going to tell you about my dancing. I may have smacked the chick next to me. But then, she was dancing hard, too, ahahhaha)

Complaints: Andy Summers needs to lay off the Whammy Bar. He was great when he was keeping the groove, but he's not (nor has he ever been) a guitar soloist. When the show ended, Sting said, "Good Night, Texas! See you next year!" and the crowd went wild. Stewart covered his mouth (he was still micced) and said, "hell no we're not!" He's been clear that this is it, this tour. Hahahaha! I LOVE THAT MAN, OH MY GOD. His freaking ARMS! *drools* Sorry. Drummers get me EVERY TIME.

And a random DL not related to The Police: Amy Winehouse, Back to Black.

Okay, I need to gear up, get laundry finished, start packing, and pick up juice boxes and travel games (Connect 4! Merlin! um... Sorry!) because we're heading to the beach in the AM. If I don't get to chat with anyone, have a wonderful weekend!!!
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