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I feel like Dancing, Dancing... ain't nothing like a'feeling the groove!

The definition of cruelty: telling a patient to drink 46 oz. of water (FOUR POUNDS OF LIQUID PEOPLE) before having an ultrasound, then making them wait before beginning. Um, note: I had the ultrasound to rule out something as my doctor and I try and figure out what's been wrong with me lately. (Once I know more, I can share more. No sense in speculating, imo.) The definition of inappropriate humor: my doctor coughing deeply for a full minute (he has lung cancer: STOP SMOKING, PEOPLE <3) then saying, "Pardon me. That's just my TB." Ahahahahaha.

So because I do NOT have the "C word" I am feeling light and full of vim! Possibly a dash of vigor in there, as well. And so I bring music that is making me beam with happiness:

Lily Allen - various songs. Be sure to snag "Smile." and Andres Segovia playing Bach, Suite No. 3 and him playing Bach's Suite No. 1, Minuetto with John Williams (not the movie score composer, this is the Australian classical guitar master.)

*happy siiiiigh* I've been listening to Segovia, Williams and Julian Bream for days, and I could keep on listening to nothing else. That's the sound of my childhood, man.

I may need to set dishes of food and water on the kitchen floor for the kids and sneak off to see HP. GAH. Why won't they read faster? (We have a rule: you can't see the movie unless you've read the book. We are cruel, I know.) Finally, made this last night, without having the scallions and cilantro in the avocado salsa (subbed with diced tomatoes and garlic salt) and HOLY CRAPOLA. So delicious. Thanks, Brandi for that recipe. I'm having fun cooking again, mostly because The Boy does the clean up. :D

Hi everyone! Are you having a great day? Tell me why!! *hugs you all* [ETA!] Forgot to mention The Two Coreys starts soon, eeeeee!
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