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The su_herald quoted one of my fics yesterday, which was really cool. I re-read it, and got a spark of an idea (which is huge - I've had NO ideas for writing in a very long time.) and am JUST NOW starting on my lynnevitational fic. I know, I know. *beats head*

So, Connor things:

  • Is there any chance that while in Quor-Toth he misunderstood the teachings of his "father" and confused the Holy See with the holy sea? And thus he sent Angel to his redemption/penance at the end of Season 3? :)
  • Also, I hadn't heard the story of Edgaro Mortara, a 6 year olf Jewish boy that had been baptised by his nurse, so the Pope stole him away from his family and raised him as his own. The boy's father spent years trying to get him back, but we're talking the Catholic Church in the 1800s. Holy crap. The parallels my brain is making... *writes furiously* The Pope actually said: "I had the right and the duty to do what I did for this boy, and if I had to, I would do it again." Y HELO THAR HOLTZ.
  • Um, I've spent the morning looking at torture/Inquisition sites. This is... this is going to be DARK. Dante ain't got nothing on some things I've found/am writing. Yeesh.

Aside from all that stuff, I'm in a TERRIFIC MOOD. Which is nice, because I've not felt bouyant and joyful for a bit, and I like that feeling. *is happy and hugs/squishes you all!!!* It is a MILLION SQUILLION degrees out, and as we have had non-stop rain for literally 6 weeks, it is DISGUSTING outside. Like, imagine swimming in a bowl of jell-o while it's being microwaved. And so? I stay indoors writing torture scenes. Ahahahaha.

Oh, say: (can you see) does anyone know where I can find snapshots of Simpsons episodes? I've been looking for a shot of Homer eating pork of some sort. Anyone?

I get to FINALLY see OotP on Saturday: \o/ I'm avoiding all posts regarding the movie until then, omg. *bounces* IT'S ALMOST THE WEEKEND, WHOOOOO!
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