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Yesterday was the posting of all the lynnevitational fics, of which I was proud to be invited. I've just started reading them (there's a few WiPs I'm waiting to be be finished before diving in - it's a thing, sorry) and man, there are some TREASURES. <-- master list.

By callmesandy, a Connor/Buffy fic Dry Spells Hard Times Bad Lands Post NFA. (No, wait! BUFFY/CONNOR. SERIOUSLY: Go read.) Things that I loved: Andrew showing up on a chat board as "Tuckers_brother" ahahaha. It took me twice to start this before I found my groove with it, I won't lie. Then I fell in to the story. It's terrific. IT's funny and interesting plot wise and it builds slowly (but not painstakingly so.) only quibble: Connor would rock at football. Seriously.

Buffy: "I'm not killing Clem, even if he is back to eating kittens. He totally fixed our Tivo. " Hee!

By seraphcelene, someone I hadn't read before, a fic about Angel post NFA: The Presence of Departed Acts This hit all the right spots with me. Surreal and dreamlike (because it's the afterlife) and just evocative and wonderful.

"The Children of Heaven count the sinners who fall like ticks on a clock to mark the time, ten thousand eternities until judgment and the end of everything."

By apreludetoanend, another writer I've not read (as I'm not a Spander girl), but I thought this was a good Xander voice and FUH-NEE. When The Dealin's Done. Full of funny quips, random kissing, and is very cute.

Xander: "Great plan, and while all the hacking and slashing’s going on, what are you gonna be doing, huh? Throwing migraines at them?”

Oh, say lookee there. I wrote something, too. It's uh... dark. Ante Praevisa Merita Connor's religious training in Quor'toth. Holtz is uh... a bastard. (And man, I would love some feedback on the religious aspects... Primum mobile? Anyone? *siiiigh*) More fics should be going up today and tomorrow. \o/

I also recommend Nutella Ice Cream. Hoo boy. Before it hard sets it tastes like a Wendy's Frosty. GLLLLARGH. *licks spoon* I also recommend watching loads of Troy McClure clips on YouTube. I may be writing a Troy McClure educational video... *shifty eyes*
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