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So, a part of this whole "feeling like me again" joy is that I'm able (and wanting!) to write fun stuff. YAY! I abandoned a fic (5 Times Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen Kissed) that I picked back up this morning. And to recharge my inspiration, I looked at some pictures of them. And again, let me stress: I would be the meat in this sandwich. I don't care. Funny tall men = .

First, let's start with the obvious. Here's some hot Hebrew coming at you.

Good lord. We have British. We have dark hair. We have intellectual. We have funny and tall, and those are two great tastes that are rarely together. Ungh.

Even when he's in character (Da Ali G facial hair) he's freaking smokin'.

Ahahaha. Is nice! (But look at that bubble butt! Mmmm. I like boys.)

The man is confident with his sexuality.

Seriously: men in well tailored suits and curly hair like this? I think that's my krypotonite.

And for my fake!boyfriend, I give you hot Will.

I like you Will. I like your loooooong legs. I like that you run triathlons and gain weight for your movies and don't care about your pudding belly. That's just more man comin' at me, and I'm okay with that. Hahahaha.

Mmm, sporty.

Ahahahahahahaha! We call these "conscious photos" in my family. Heee!

I'm not gonna lie to you: chicks dig Will. (No, seriously. Drew Barrymore had a huge crush on him after they worked together, ditto Molly Shannon - I think they had a fling during SNL - and Emma Thompson gushed about how sweet and sexy he is. Ditto Leslie Bibb.)

Is it because he's so suave? Or because he wears GORGEOUS suits?

Sexual tension.


Please notice where Sacha's hand is.

And a random Sean Connery pic for you (because thinking of Will makes me think of a_list_celebs. :(((

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sing Will's version of "Love on the Rocks" by Neil Diamond and write some smut. :D
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