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This post contains no mentions of Harry Potter except for this line.

I know no one is online right now, no one is reading LJ, which is liberating.
  • I want a tank top with a slutty unicorn (in a bikini, posing to show off her teats) with sparkly, swirly 70s script (preferably from an iron-on) that reads "Sweet Classy Lassie from Tallahassee."
  • I would wear that in the vampire movie I'm going to start filming soon.
  • I have to make out with Sig Haig in that movie. Which is going to be... weird. But I'm a pro. (So I'll look for his $20 on the dresser.)
  • oh yeah. Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendon is what he prefers to be called, I believe) is going to be in this movie, too. AWW YEAH.
  • I watched Dallas today and laughed and laughed at all the clams. Some of my favorites: "I'm not through with you yet!" and "I'll get you, J.R. Ewing, if that's the last thing I do!" It's all so overwrought and melodramatic, and I really really wish that Falcon Crest or Dynasty was on right now so I could eat popcorn and crack up.
  • All of which means I'm inspired to write more horse soap opera - I want a whole bunch of that done before posting. And that's only important to, like, three people.
  • And I'm one of those three. (I dun keer.)
  • I would read a Han/Luke fic right now, lunch be damned, if someone would link me.
  • Ditto Lucius/Snape
  • Or Ron/Harry.

DAMMIT. There were HP mentions. I thought I could make it... In "I'm a dork" news, I dreamed last night that I stood in line for my copy of DH, got the book, drove home, and curled up to read it. Then, when I woke up this morning, I looked for my book and was all sad that it was only a dream. WOW. Nerd. Alert.

I could go for some pizza right about now. Or sushi. Or curly fries. Mmmmm, salt.
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