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A tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing.

I found a letter I wrote to myself in 1984. It was written in big, loopy letters. I am proud to say that there were no dots above i's shaped like hearts. I have my pride.

1. I wanted to attend Yale or BYU. (I ended up at U of Utah, one of the best schools for Biology in the nation, go Utes!)
2. I wanted to study: Speech (I wasn't born a mute, regardless of what this implies), Psyciatry (sic), or Viola (sigh. See what happens when you come from a long line of instrument makers? I haven't played the "fiddle" in 15 years.)
3. I wanted to live in "Hanalooloo, Hawaii, US of A" (and take a spelling course, no doubt)
4. I left this following question blank: "Some of the qualities I want my husband to have are:"
5. Courses I am interested in taking: Modeling, Art, Color Analysis (?? the fuck??), Music
6. The car I am most in love with: Oldsmobile. (I never shot for the stars, just the street lamps)
7. My stalker days began early. I indicated the person I most admired (a teacher) and wrote down her PHONE NUMBER.
8. I added my own question: I most want to marry Chad Lowe, Chris Condiff, of Jeff Stevens.

I had difficulty with choices, obviously. BTW: Jeff Stevens was a big perv who snuck into a broom closet to watch me make out with my boyfriend at a graduation party.

More lists! In honor of dovil spreading the list of Jossverse love, I thought I'd add to the pile with

1. The music playing and Giles' face when he climbs the stairs and finds Jenny Calendar.
2. "Cops Suck" on Lindsay's truck when he leaves. Hee!!
3. The Numfar "Dance of Joy."
4. When Angel shoves everything off the table in order to shag Buffy senseless. Oh, and ramming into the fridge, too.
5. Buffybot straddling Spike in the cemetary, also the looks on Anya and Xander's face when they catch the "show."
6. The homage to The Graduate with the shot through Anya's legs and Xander squeezing the juice box.
7. How teeny Buffy looks on her bed sitting across from Riley at the end of Hush
8. Buffy's eyes narrowing when she see the eggs are labeled. Bad roomates suck!!
9. The whole slow bang under the black skirt on the catwalk at the Bronze. Guh.
10. Every moment of the Trio. Especially the flashbacks from Andrew with them leaping about and singing.
11. Harmony's sad little day at work from her POV.
12. Wes' ecstatic questioning of the origin of the Mini-Reuben.
13. Wes popping a cap in the knee of the employee who dared to question why they were working on the "Burkle case."
14. Gunn fight scenes. He is just PURDY.
15. Faith busting out of jail.
16. Faith thinking her "talents" were insulted by Principal Wood.
17. *snerk* The name Principal Wood. I'm mature like that.
18. The Numfar Dance of Shame.
19. Willow dressing up like Joan of Arc, Xander asking OZ what he is, and him showing the "Hello, My Name is GOD" sticker. Best. Costume. Ever.
20. Joyce saying something was so "Juice Newton."

Let me have 'em! I want you flames your picks, and don't forget to insult my stupid 12 year old self! If I dare, I may read the journal that accompanied this "time capsule." *shudder*
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