Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

Obligatory "I'm done reading DH" post

Loved. It. So incredibly sad that 9 years (I came in a little late) of following this little world is over. I know there is crazy hate out there because of some character's deaths, and I was very shocked when Fred died. I may have gasped, I'll neither confirm nor deny. (My son is reading upstairs and I heard him moan when Hedwig died. :( He's an animal lover.)

I had tears running down my face when Harry's parents/Marauders came to shield him as he went to face Voldemort. I love that people were flawed. That no one was really what they seemed (except for Hermione, go go girl power.)

And holy crap, Molly Weasley with the You Bitch! capslock! WOOOOW. (I... I didn't buy Percy. I am SORRY FLOWERINGJUDAS. He is a weasel. Came through in the end, but still. *cries for Fred*)

...many many tears for Snape in the end.

I may have to re-read this whole book again. But I need to actually go to sleep at some point...

And now: TO THE FANFICTION MOBILE, AWAAAAAAAY! (If I could get some Hr/R Grimmauld Place sexin', that would be awesome. I HAVE NO SHAME, PEOPLE.)


Okay, the Hr/H aka Harmonians may be the craziest of the shippers, and that's saying something. (Because the Filch/Squid shippers are RELENTLESS.) I like how some of them are claiming to be willing to give up: FOOD, SHELTER, and their beloved PETS for the book to end with H/Hr together, happy as they were always meant to be. WHAT. (One girl says she's trade HER ARM. TWICE.)

Here we have the Potterdammerung Bingo Wank Card! Ahahaha. That's awesome.

I'm waiting for the Severus Snape Astral Wives to have sightings. That's when we know the Potterdammerung is in earnest...

[ETA] There needs to be an icon that has Voldemort, hearts, and H/Hr reading: Voldy Ships Harmony! Ahahaha. (Oh, ouchie Ron. I'm re-reading this stat. I <3 Ron Weasley)

[ETA 2] Where is the Mrs. Norris/Transfigured McGonagall femmeslash? (I'm not the only one interested, come on.)

[ETA 3] This image is made of complete and utter GOLD. I laughed for a good five minutes.

[ETA 4] (last one. I think.) "I have a degree in literature, which means I know when my ship is being wrecked by the author, I thank you!" Except not so calmly stated. Warning: CAPSLOCK OF RAAAAAAAGE. And... your microwave manual can count as literature? *scratches head*

[ETA 5] Heee! Encyclopedia Dramatica brings the lulz. (heads up: it's about trolls and spoiling people!)

Also, it would be funny if someone made an icon with Mr Diggory scream-crying "That's my booooy! It's my son!" over Fred's dead body. And then Arthur can look all confused. Just me, then? [/inappropriate humor]

Crap: if anyone can find the link to the post where the Snape fan rages because of how he was treated by JKR, and this fan KNOWS Snape because they DREAMED THEY WERE SNAPE, I thank you, then that would be superawesome.

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