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I am a bad, bad person.

Because they are CHILDREN. Of age. So, okay. Maybe I'm not so bad. I'm writing Ron/Hermione dry humping fic set in Grimmauld Place and I LIKE IT.

Also, I just mapped out a "Silver Spoons" AU parody fic with Draco as Jason Bateman and Harry as Ricky Schroeder and Sirius as the dad. And I can't stop singing the theme song. (Dean will totally be Alphonso Ribieri.) Ooh, no no! Lucius is the dad, Draco is Ricky Schroeder, and Harry can be the conniving Jason Bateman! It will be from a Slytherin POV, obv. Ahahaha.

Where's the Love Boat fic with McGonagall in the roll of Charo? "Cuchi, cuchi ay yi yi!" *shakes her melons* Snape is obviously Isaac, the bartender. *shoots guns* Hagrid as Gopher, Hermione as Julie the cruise director, and Harry Potter, as the Beaver. Wait...
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