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Monday Monday

1. Have seen recent pics of the flooding in Southern and Western England. OMG, be safe, people! Sophie? Are you dry?!
2. Have sent the Hr/R dry hump fic to beta. I have no shame. Also, please send me links to Twin fics of note.
3. Have spent the better part of the day reading Hr/R, and man. My OTP (has been for years, yo) is mostly badly written. I dun keer. (much.)
4. Have yelled at a child and her mother after said child (foisted on me for the afternoon) HIT MY CAT. And laughed. She's not allowed back over to play any more. (We don't like her anyway.)
5. Have hypertexted the links to the fics I wrote last week that you may have missed. :D The Will Ferrell/Sacha Baron Cohen fic (come on. It's fun!) and the Connor, Holtz religious upbringing fic.
6. Have opened several of the Lynnevitational fics to read. Will be reccing butt-loads of fic this week \o/
7. I go in search of soda.
(I forgot what 8 was for...)
9. Oh! I've been rewatching 30 Rock on my DVR and DAMMIT. I told you people all last year to watch that show. It is SO FUNNY. Tracy Jordan/Kenneth the Page for EVER! "I have enjoyed being the mentor to your manatee." Heeeeeee!

[ETA] Ahahaha, more insanity from my brain, but

Someone needs to make a "Tay in deh WEEEN" macro with Ariana Dumbledore on it once she's cast, AHAHAHA. DH/Nell FTW! Miss Chickapeee. I am crying with laughter. Hahaha.

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