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It's the end of the week, whooooo!

  • Happy birthday to elfgirl!! I hug and squish you and bring navel gazing music that girls like us loved when we were teens: Joy Division, New Order and Skinny Puppy.
  • Secondly, does everyone have their Zombie Escape Plan? That may be the coolest journal I've seen. (Please note her Disclaimer at the bottom, haha.)
  • Thirdly, this Sunday is the first episode of THE TWO COREYS on A&E, 9pm. Check your local listings. Don't act like you don't want to watch that train wreck.

  • Your mom Aw, yeah.
  • laundry
  • groceries
  • wander around Ikea and make excuses to buy lots of cleverly made stuff
  • vacuum/mop (uuuuugggggghhhh)
  • finish priming cabinets for paint
  • double check the liner for new drapes - hit Joanns if not enough
  • NO READING FANFIC until you have done 75% of this, I MEAN IT. *stern face at self*
  • wander around the house trying to remember what to do
  • check this list
  • figure out how you can cheat out of doing chores so you can read fanfic
  • hurry and clean up the surfaces when the Mister is on his way home. And I like how that makes my husband sound like "Mister" in The Color Purple. Oh, Miss Ceely, you gots a beautiful smile.
  • I know dey is a gewd. <-- my sister will laugh at that
  • quit putting inside jokes in your To Do list and GET GOING, jeez.

Anf finally, GIP. That's from Maddox's website, and it makes me laugh every time. I am KIDDING, my vegetarian friends! Or AM I? Bum bum bum!! No, no, I am. I can't stand Koala anymore. I ate loads in college and just got burned out. (Aww, and now I'm missing a_list_celebs when Will was going to cook a meal consisting solely of almost-extinct animals, stuffed inside each other Tur-Duc-Ken style, and all wrapped in bacon. Because bacon makes everything better. [/random]) GOD. I'm such a procrastinator!!! *gets going*
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