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movies and brains

I just saw a terrific movie.

Eternal Sunshine of the Endless Mind is absolutely fantastic film. The use of camera work (I remember reading that a lot of the scenes were one continuous take, which now having seen the movie seem impossible), the color imagery, the use of weather... Amazing.

I loved Adaption and Being John Malkovich, and this movie will go into my collection as well. jamalov29, you will love this. All about love and destiny and dealing with the faults and ugliness and beauty and need for love. How we NEED it. Fantastic.

Wasn't sure if I was going to like the Kate Winslet character, but it was the point in the beginning to make her loathsome. But Jim Carrey is loathsome as well. Aren't we all an ugly version of ourselves at the end of a relationship? Not who we are in the beginning when love is exciting, and the other person is a mystery? Just fantastic. I'd love to talk to someone about what this movie made them feel. The scene with Jim trying to hide her away in a childhood memory so they can't find her and take him away. And he's under the table crying for his mom to hold him, and she goes under the table to be with him. But they are HIS imaginings blending with HIS memories. Fantastic.

On a different note, I walked five miles today with a half-flat tire on the stroller. My arms are tired. Emily took her megaphone and wore it on her head, and yelled out "hello" to the strangers we passed. My son tried to go to school with his socks rolled down like doughnuts because it "felt good." Lord, save me from my children.

Em and I are off to lay in the grass and watch for birdies. I love fall. I want everyone who reads my journal to habe five minutes of joy today. Everyone seems so sad, depressed, angry... I know that life can suck. Believe me. But man, trees are changing colors. Birds are flying south. Animals are preparing their dens and it's becoming soup weather. Who can be upset with a hot bowl of soup, crusty bread and melted cheese? Mmm. Cheese. If you comment today, I want you to tell me something that makes you happy. no matter how small of insignificant. I wanna know.
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