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A whole new day with no mistakes in it! ~Anne Shirley

Yay, new week! I'm raring to go. Got a huge project list for the week, a spineful of determination, and a heart filled with song. Or in other words, I've had a lot of coffee this morning. \o/

It's important you know that this is SHARK WEEK. Which means it's all sharks, all the time in my house. (New readers: my 5 yr old is obsessed with them. She can identify sharks by their profiles. It's a little creepy, I won't lie to you.) Last night was the Air Jaws show which, on my ridiculously ginormous HDtv had me leaping back against the couch. HOLY LEAPING SHARK! I swear to the god of your choice, if I saw that coming out of the water, I would swallow my tongue and die. No. See, that is why I don't like swimming beyond the sand bar in the ocean, kids. GAAAAH! (my old LJ banner) Good lord. (that last one makes my chest hurt - total primal fear. If I had a tail, it would be covering my nethers.) I need an icon with Kenneth the Page (30 Rock) where he reminds Tracy that "You should live every week like it's Shark Week!" Ahaha. I love that show.

SPEAKING OF THE BEST SHOW ON TV EVER: Who watched The Two Coreys last night aside from me and grammar_glamour (who made a drinking game, hee!) Okay, they are SO GAY for each other, it's all right there on screen!!! *cough* I totally got it right, y'all. Haim mentioned how he had to wear knee pads during the shooting of Lost Boys and Feldman piped in with: and that would mark a requirement for the rest of his career. Ahahaha! They were CLUTCHING at each other. Feldman couldn't decide who he wanted more, his hot (but high-maintenance) wife or his longtime love, Haim. :D ..and when did Feldman become attractive? This is disturbing. Sunday nights, 10/9pm E/C, A&E.

OH MY GOD HOT MALE NANNY JUST RAN BY MY HOUSE!!!!!!! Today is going to be a fiiine day. In conclusion, have a meta-post about Ronald Bilius Weasley. HAPPY MONDAY, EVERYONE!
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