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First, happy birthday to a fabulous born-again Texan (hee!) st_salieri! May there be margaritas and relaxation in your weekend! There is no Soap Opera post today, because no one is reading it we are celebrating my Em's first lost tooth. And also, I have GOT to finish some stuff around here. Like other fics. And laundry. Guess which of those two I'm looking forward to?

On to the multi-fandom and life recs!

  • If you are lame like me and haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth yet, I cannot recommend this movie enough. Absolutely beautiful, will completely tear you down emotionally, and after two days, I'm still haunted by it. One of the best films of the past few years, hands down.
  • roasting pumpkins. No, wait! We let a pumpkin plant go wild in the backyard and I have 42 pumpkins so far, each about 10 pounds. I poked a hole in the top of one, shoved it in the oven at 350 for an hour, and peeled the skin off. YUM. I mashed half of it and mixed it into some risotto and we all moaned, it was so tasty.
  • sitting on my front porch while the neighbor boys run their RC cars in the street and my dog Sally Von Schtupp chases after them (the cars, not the children.) I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Hahaha.
  • Bake a yellow cake, put lemon curd in between the layers, and make a lemon syrup (lemon juice, a touch of water, and powdered sugar until you get the right consistency) to pour over the top. YUM.
  • The song Fina Estampa by Chabuca Granda. This was so beloved by her native Peru that it became their national anthem. :D I love folk Latin music.
  • Anything by Andres Segovia, especially his Bach performances. Segovia is simply the greatest classical guitarist, period. This is the music I grew up on in my house. My dad was a classical guitarist and played songs like this at our bedside to get us to go to sleep. *blissful memory*
  • Or how about something that is very Massive Attack/Portishead sounding, but not? Change My Night, the Feathermerchants. I love this dreamy, smoky tune.

On to the fic!


The next three are from the lynnevitational, and I still haven't read everything that's been posted (waiting for some WiPs as well) but it's produced some fabulous stories.

Cthonic by inlovewithnight Fred, Faith. Utterly heartbreaking and fascinating. AU, but it weaves through canon deftly and imo, ILWN is one of the best writers of Fred in fandom, period. Gorgeous story.

cadhla wrote Birds in Cages. Angel (the fanged four, really) and is lyrical and poetic and the last line left me sitting in my chair staring at the screen, aching. Beautiful ficlet.

Time Lapse by thedeadlyhook is a B/A fic set post-NFA that painted such a vivid picture in my head. She's not trying to out-profound anyone with this, it's just a wonderful (and painful) idea that is well done. I would love to see more of this, actually. Always a good sign when you don't want things to end.

Big Love

I'm not going to be soft here: this is a fandom that I'm not interested in generally, because well. Any one who's read me long enough knows my thoughts on yaoi polygamy, and I'm just not going to buy most of the fics written for titilation, or whatever. Just me, I know. HOWEVER.

Psalm 119:27-29 by viciouswishes is a future fic that tells where all the main characters end up and is heartbreaking and a wonderful idea. I have my own thoughts on this, but this on its own is a wonderfully written (and oh, so painful in places) snapshot into several futures. If you watch the show, you need to read this.

Harry Potter

I've been sucking this fandom down like Darjeeling. I'm mostly a canon 'ship or gen reader, for the record. (And most will have spoilers for DH, so blanket warning.)

Remember that fic I recced last week, End of the Line? The cross with Discworld (but you don't need to know Discworld to enjoy/get that.) googlebrat write two more ficlets in that series, and there was one little moment involving the words "mischief managed" that hit me in the solar plexus and I couldn't breathe. *cries* If you liked the first, you'll love the next ones: Mischief Managed and The Station Clock Said 12.

A missing chapter in DH that is chilling with the implication, The Little Ones (genfic) about what was happening on Platform 9 3/4 with the new "power" heading up the ministry. Very frightening and well done.

Let's get something sweet up here, quick. First time fic, Hr/R, (but only to third base) is very cute. (I love awkward fumblings...) Tension
by abused_sarcasm.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by lilith_morgana may be the best post DH Malfoy fic I've read. Absolutely unflinching with who they were, but they aren't caricatures of themselves. They have feelings and emotion and pride, lord, the pride. Beautiful. A must-read.

Um, another painful (but wonderful) story, short but packs a punch, Neville at St. Mungos speaking to his parents, set post DH. Bring a tissue. Special Tea on Fridays by melwil. Takes into consideration the phenomenal growth in Neville's character, but also recognizes that he'll always ache for his parents and what could have been.

Crack!Fic, aka Things That Make You Go Ha

Whatever, I can self-pimp in my own journal. :D The Edge Of Neight, also known as StallionCrest or As the Stall Turns or Days of our Rides. Perhaps you prefer All My Fillies? This started out as a response to a comment in the horse-gentle caress wank (if you don't know, you don't want to know. Trust me) but this isn't dirty or anything. It's just all the tropes of Soap Operas (heated stares into the camera, evil twins, deserted islands, scheming and plotting, and something locked in a closet - a secret? Or WORSE?!) with horses as the people. Because it's funnier. If I do say so myself. Which I just did.

Side note: my sister is animating this so it looks like a child's hand playing with horse figurines and it's freaking HILARIOUS. <3 When we have enough to share, we will. :D


Pug Rap. This is just redonkulous. And my daughter makes me play this every. single. day. And we all know the "rap" by heart. And ... it's pretty cute. (The first eight times.) *headdesk*

Okay, we all love Robot Chicken, yes? And we all love The Two Coreys? (ahaha.) Here's the twain together, and I laughed. And so? I share.

I have lots of new things up on my page still to go through. By all means, hit me with fics you think I'd like! (In light of the new LJ-draaaaaama, I don't think I have a comment. I saw the picture in question and... well, it's not my bag. My thoughts are pictures of that nature should be under flock, but allowed. And that is all.)

In conclusion: IT IS FRIDAY, WHOOO! Have fantastic weekends! <3
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