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Well... turds.

I hate seeing all of these posts about people leaving LJ. For the record, I'm not leaving. I have a frickin' permanent account, and I'm going to use every penny of it, you know? What I am going to do is double post here and at Greatest Journal (GJ) where I am stoney321. Let me know if you're over there and I don't have you friended.

Also, I'm not going to move to loads of sites, like I see people doing. Guys, I'm getting too old for this shit. [/every buddy cop movie made] I have Semagic and I've heard that you can do double posting, so I'm looking into that. I found the LJ backup tool, ljArchive, incredibly simple to use - plus, it has a search device that rocks. (You can find anything from a random comment with ___ topic, etc. etc.)

As for the banhammer controversy, look. I personally do not find those images hot, a turn on, whatever. But you know what? I find Will Ferrell hot, and people look at me like I'm a freak, so... :D I've written Anna Nicole Smith/Daniel fic - I have no room to talk, I believe. My glass house is lovely, and there will be no rocks thrown. I do feel, however, that 6A has the right to run their business as they see fit. That's just the name of the game. (And considering that MySpace found tens of THOUSANDS of pedophiles on their servers... I can see why 6A is acting as they are, whether we like it or not. And whether there is an actual threat there, which, statistically, there isn't: .02% of the profiles were offenders, isn't something 6A/LJ is concerned with.) They just need to be UPFRONT about their WANTS.

I'm not going to talk about what has merit, etc. I think the REAL issue (and one the 6A/LJ is doing a crap job of saying) is that this is about what a COMPANY wants on their equipment, period. If they're going public (and I bet you diamonds to donuts they are and I am jumping on that IPO like it's 1999 - ahahaha, um, anyone get that? Stock/IPO boom?) they want to cater to the potential stock holders. Like it or hate it, that's the situation (from their standpoint) as I see it.

And you know, if you have something that you think might be questionable? Put it behind a lock. That's such a simple solution, imo (Thank you, Maren for saying it so succinctly.) I've locked my fic that could fall under "questionable" and it will remain that way. If someone isn't 18, they aren't going to be on my flist, period. [ETA] Evidently that may not matter? *head desk*

And those are my thoughts on yaoi the sitch.

[ETA 2]

For the record: I think that LJ/6A is handling this all badly. I've posted about that before, but I wanted to clarify. I feel that warning should be given, that a COMPLETE and CONCISE explanation on all the LJ-run comms to insure everyone sees the new policy shoudl be done.

Also: I've gone to this post to find out how to configure Semagic to post to multiple journals at once. It took me a bit and I found the following helpful:

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Semagic
2. Make sure on the login screen (the first thing that pops up) is your NORMAL username.
3. When you click "File, Server Settings," DO NOT put the addendum (lj or gj or ij whatever) in your username THERE.
4. On the INITIAL LOG IN SCREEN, add stoney321 gj (your username, obv.) and it will go through.
5. When you're ready to post, hit "journal, post to multiple journals" and you should see the normal livejournal login and the new gj log in. Voila!

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