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GAH. Too. Many. Posts.

Last on the Exodus. (let my people goooooooo!) _insert wandering for 40 year joke here_

I found this post incredibly helpful. It's a How To move EVERYTHING (user pics, tags, memories, galleries) from LJ to the blog of your choice. Very precise and well put. (Thank you cherusha for posting the link! <3

I'm now over at Insane Journal (I can be just Stoney there! Whoo!), which will be my fic journal. I'll post links to the other places for those that move off LJ completely. (Um, that sounds like I'm full of myself. Zomg, you all want to read my fic. Um, I don't mean it that way.) I'm also at Greatest Journal as stoney321. Let me know where you are, peeps!

Dude, I hate this crap. *loathes change* FTR: I'm still posting here. Fic is going offsite with links. So, it's the same. But different? Bah. Off to workout and hopefully not pass out.
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