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Random Statements

  • I have seen so many macros over the past few days that I'm talking in real life like them. Example, when I changed my shirt this morning I said to my husband: My boobs. Let me show you them.

  • I am baking this cake for my Emily (she's 6 today!) and for me (I'm 35 tomorrow!) with the exceptions: One layer of the cake mix will go in a 10 inch springform pan, the other in a 5 in. That way there can be a mom and baby bunny. D'AWWW. (For the record: lemon cake, lemon curd filling + frosting with coconut. Mmmm.)

  • My music: Let me share you them. Hector Lavoe: Timbalero (this is the salsa artist that J. Lo and Mark "Skeletor" Anthony's movie is about) and Prince: Black Sweat because it is just damn funky. I have his new album and I am grooving - dude, Wendy and Lisa are on it!! Uploads to follow.

  • I want to play in an RPG as Prince again, because that was the crackiest thing I ever did. Man, that poo was funny as aitch ee double hockey sticks. (I still love the CyberDyne manual Prince got for his robotic arm. I may be the only person, but that poo makes me laugh my buns off.)

  • Literally, these people are stupid. Figuratively, they make my hed asplode. Ahahaha.

  • exercising outdoors when there is a heat index of 108 is not smart. I am WIPED. OUT.

  • I do not want to put this last coat of paint on the cabinets because I am lazy and want to sleep all day. But I cannot. *drags feet* *cranks up music* Ahhh, that's better.
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