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Pimpaliciously Coming Atcha

I have been in a serious Vid mood all day, mainly brought about by crazydiamondsuetelling me her list of faves.

I came across river_boat's LJ today and she has some terrific vids. One is Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Abridged set to the William Tell Overature. Also, a snappy little number, "Move Your Feet" with clips from OMWF. Good stuff. Check it out here:

I watched mrmonkeybottoms "SpiderMan" vid and cracked up again. Emily (the three year old) has been singing the theme song all afternoon. Goodtimes. Monkey had to pull them off her website, but will email them to you if you e-quest them. I just made up a word! Use it and abuse it.

Tonight is movie night again (after the Pres. debate) and then I will watch scene 15 of Enemy at the Gates to watch Jude Law make babies with scary eyebrow chick. I love Jude Law. I want to make man-pants out of him and go commando. Guh. (Channeling Jame Gumb: it rubs the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again!) Mr. Stoney needs to stop traveling so much.
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