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Too many mutha uckers uckin' with my shi

In bullet point, because we all are pressed for time.

  • Finally caught up on Flight of the Conchords, maybe one of the best comedy programs in a very long time. Oh, Kiwis. How I love you. Except for dovil because she stopped sending me hobbits for target practice. After all the booze I plied you with? Bastard. (The subject heading is from this song, which I cannot get out of my head. This is a good thing.) [lyrics] I like how it jut becomes self-censored swearing at the end, hahaha.
  • It never ceases to amaze me at how people a) have no sense of humor/lacking in funny-dar and b) are quick to point out when you (me) are wrong, and are wrong themselves. I like that last one, especially.
  • I have new people that added me to their reading lists, hello! Come and go as you please. I never mind when people add me, nor remove me. We're very relaxed here. By which I mean me.
  • I happen to like insects. I don't want them on my body. Or eating my face.
  • I am very sarcastic and silly here, with the occassional fic post. If you're not good with humor, you... you will be unhappy here.
  • I got my official rehearsal/shooting schedule for my movie, Blood on the Highway, and I have to let my hair and skin... go. Not off my body, nothing like that, just... I'm a cross between Karen Black and Magda. \o/ I cannot wait to be hideous and see how the other 99% lives. AHAHAHAHA. I kid.
  • Nicholas Brendon officially signed last night (the last of the paperwork) and once I find out his shooting schedule, there will be casual walking by done by me. With a camera. And a harpoon. And a trunkful of pickling lime and heavy cabling. I KID. (Or do I??)
  • Dude, I'm going to be in a Tromo horror film!! It still hasn't sunk in. I love me some crack, y'all.
  • I am STARVING and need some lunch. Sushi is sounding good. Or beef fajita nachos. Suggestions?
  • Finally: lemon-flavored Italian soda and vodka is about as tasty as it gets for summertime boozing. Archer Farms brand is quite tasty, and they have a bloood orange flavor I'll be experimenting with come "happy hour." (Oooh, add a splash of triple sec for extra num.)

Finally: MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to entrenous88 and TNMN (the NOW Mr. Nous) on their marriage today! They are a spectacular couple, who've I've had the very great pleasure of befriending for a few years. Mazoltov! .
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