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A Halelujah kind of day

Holy of Holy. I have had a fantastic morning. Aside from the fact that my dad dropped by and tried to convince me (but really himself) that Bush won last night's debate (whatever), this has been a fantastic day.

I love autumn. You'd think I'd love spring best, what with the gardening passion, but nope. Autumn. Rainy days turning cooler, the way the light changes as the earth spins away from the sun, the color change in the landscape... And I have found it's soundtrack.

Today I bought an album by a group called Zero 7, and if it wasn't for Garden State, I wouldn't know about them. Imagine waking up late in the morning on an October Sunday, you have on a long T-shirt, it's your favorite. You stretch in the comfy sheets, debating whether or not to get out of bed, and see the handsome man (or woman, depending on your orientation) laying there on his belly, face buried in the pillow. You finally had sex the night before, and it was mind-blowing and hot and sweet and you cried a little when you came, and then laughed at yourself for crying.

You walk across the hard wood floors and see the orange leaves falling in the window that reach from floor to ceiling. You make coffee, grab a fuzzy blanket, and curl up in a chair to watch the cool autumn breeze blow leaves across the sidewalk. Your new lover wakes up, shuffles in, stretches his arms by holding onto the top of the door frame and gives you a shy grin. His dark hair is rumpled, and his stubble makes him look rough and vulnerable, all at the same time. He curls up next to you in the chair and lays his head on your lap.

Your guitar is sitting on it's stand in the corner, maybe it'll get played today, but in a completely spontaeous way. Maybe you'll tune it while he's in the shower and he'll come out and you'll be fooling around and it'll be great, and he'll get still and quiet and fall in love with you a little more.

You forgot to turn off the Christmas lights you strung up for fun over the window, so they twinkle in the reflection on the glass. You have no real plans for the day, aside from minestrone soup and hot cocoa at some point, maybe a long walk through the park. It's one of those nothing days filled with promise, and you'll look back on it ten years later and think it was one of those rare perfect days.


I drove past the farm that raises thoroughbreds and watched the horses jump and play with each other. They're glad the cool weather is here, too. Mr. Stoney comes home tonight, so I'll finally be able to get a good night's sleep. Weekends! Love it. Love today. Love music.
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