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Best. Job. EVER.

Last night was our first full-cast rehearsal. #1, it's REALLY freaking funny and #2, the lead male is REALLY freaking hot. What has two thumbs and gets to grab his crotch? This girl!

First, I have to say that the other female lead looks like she could be Sarah Michelle Gellar's taller, freckled twin. I kept staring at her face, waiting for her to say something Buffy-esque. (She didn't.) I have to grope her character, too, so I can channel my inner-Faith and have at it. \o/ Hahaha. Bless her young little heart, she thought I was younger than my 27 year old sister. *loves this girl like whoa* That's what good clean living will do for your skin, ladies.

That and smearing tequila directly into your pores. (My theory is the aloe that tequila's made from is preserving me from the inside out.)

But let me talk about "Bone." Yes, that's his character's name, and yes, I get to make sexual innuendos about it. He's Indian and has the most gorgeous skin and eyes. Plus, coal black hair. Oh, and an ass that won't quit. How do I know this? Because 1/4 of the movie has me groping and grabbing it. \o/ and \o/ I also get to grab his crotch. <-- being polite with terminology. I pretty much grab two handfuls of his cock-n-balls and won't let go. I felt that we needed to block that action last night and really get it down. *cough* And dadgumit if I didn't mess up a line a few times where I have him pinned against the wall, rubbing myself up and down him... Ahahahaha! He was a great sport about it and is really funny.

And hot. Don't forget the hot. Best day of work ever, y'all. *cracks up*

WARNING: FOUL LANGUAGE AHEAD. One of my favorite lines has the following in it (as I come on to SMG-lite) "I got a clit like a thumb and a tongue like a lasso that can rope and wrangle your cute little pink cunt button and-" She cuts me off here. AHAHAHAHA. It's like the bad!fic fairies sprinkled my life with their magic dust!

It was so much fun to be in a room of creative, funny people working on something again. The director and the asst. director are both very funny and really know what makes sense on screen, so I have high hopes for the end result.

The AD was talking to "Bone" about a fight scene he will have with Nicholas Brendon's character (not there last night, sadly) and Bone asked if Nicky was a big guy. The director said, "Yeah, he's pretty big. Big guy." I jumped in with "he was in the minor leagues wanting to go pro when he injured his arm, and that's when he got into acting and two years later got the Buffy job." They all looked at me like I was a stalker. HEY. I PAY ATTENTION, OKAY?

In other words: I cannot wait until our next rehearsal this weekend! Then comes filming and NB and me becoming BFF and going to the Oscars together as best pals being completely professional. :D

Also, I received a mysterious package in the mail yesterday from a certain miss anelith! Anne! Thank you so much for those books! I was very excited to see they were the ones you had mentioned in your post, thank you! Mr. S beamed at the box for a few minutes and kept repeating, "She is just a sweetheart." YES SHE IS. <3 <3 <3

It's Hump Day, people! The week's half-way done! [ETA] I knew I was forgetting something: the baby buns! They've doubled in size, so now they're three inches long. EEEEEE! Their leetle earses are getting longer - no cottontails yet - and we're having to hide our Evil Cats away as Hope decided to go GET one and bring it back to the house!! NO, HOPE!! (It wasn't hurt) I carried he's leetle, sheevery self back to his warren (now surrounded by bricks to keep critters away) and watched him hop back to his brothers and seesters. SO. SCHWEET. <3
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