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"How bleak was my puberty!"

Thanks to petzipellipingo for sending me a link to Entertainment Weekly's report on Big Love and its accuracy. In other words: it's juuuust like I told y'all. Crazy people, fer seriouz. One thing that boggles me, is the "expert" on Utah polygamy didn't notice the HUGE HIGHWAY SIGN that barb passes on her way to the casino reading: WENDOVER. That's right on the border of Nevada and Utah, a straight shot west on Highway 80. My dad and aunt MaryAnn hit the tables every time we come up for a visit. (Some wards - parishes - send members as spies to the casino parking lots to write down license plate numbers to bust the Mormon gamblers. Mormons aren't supposed to gamble, you see. You're supposed to give that money to the CHURCH.)

If you want to read more stuff (*cough* things I've blogged about *cough) you can see the SLC Tribune's REGULAR COLUMN on polygamy here. Can you stand it? There's a regular weekly update on all the plygs?! The Warren Jeffs trial is underway, and it's fascinating. They brought up a missing toddler of one of his lackeys that was kicked out of the church for... displeasing Jeffs. I can bet you diamonds to donuts that Jeffs had the baby taken away to teach that guy a lesson under the guise of "we want the child to be raised in the Principle." (And he most likely took the guy';s wife to be his own. I mean, that's just standard issue policy, there.) I also bet that this will come up in S3 of Big Love with Alby taking Joey's baby, or something. Mark my words.

(Side note, I didn't realize Jeffs was being held in Hurricane - Hurrikin is how it's pronounced - which is a short 45 minute drive to the compounds of Short Creek, aka Colorado City. That seems... too close to his supporters. Huh.)
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