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Operation: Oh Shit, My Thighs Are Going To Be On A Movie Screen (the field manuals are awkward to carry, true) is finally yielding some results. For my own posterity, I'm putting my regime under the cut. Is potentially WAY TOO BORING to be read by anyone other than myself.

  • Have done away with the "no food four hours before bedtime" mindset and eat small amounts of "good for me" foods every four hours to keep my metabolism firing. (various melons, low fat meats no more than 4 oz. in a serving, whole grain breads, cucumber slices, tomatoes, red bell peppers are always on hand ready to snack on, kidney beans, barley instead of brown rice, fruit and yogurt smoothies for breakfast or Kashi with non-fat milk, *cries* ONE alcoholic beverage PER WEEK *cries*)
  • run on the elliptical treadmill for 30 minutes every day, without fail
  • 5 times a week (in addition to treadmill) power walk 5-7 miles, keeping my 10-11 minute mile pace
  • leg lifts, 100 each side
  • pelvic thrusts with calves/feet resting on big ball
  • "thigh master" squeezing with small ball for ten minutes a day
  • lunges, even though it's killing my knees, 25 each side - need to try the sideways up the stairs and test the ol' leg-benders for pain

Have lost 5 pounds in two weeks, but more importantly: have lost two inches on EACH THIGH in two weeks. They're not perfect, they're not completely gushy/jiggle-free, but they're a far sight better than when I started. I have 10 more days until shooting starts.'s also helping that I have FINALLY gotten rid of my shorts tan line, acquired from last year's 3 Day and... never rid of since my bathing suit of choice is a bikini top and board shorts. Fish belly white upper thighs - every flaw magnified.

Also, if I slip and eat something not on my list of Good For Me foods (no dessert, no chips, nothing fried, nothing from a box, no sauces) I drink 32 oz. of water with lemon, loads of lemon. Holy water retention gone, bat man.

Today is grocery shopping day, which I love more than almost anything else, which is another reason why I'm very strange. (All the options! The fresh fruits and veggies! Meal options and planning! /DORK.) I'm also planning on spreading a half-ton of compost in the front garden, so that'll replace my walk today. o_0

IT IS FRIDAY!!! Whoo hoo, weekend! We have a pool party we're going to on Saturday, (our neighbors) and the hostess told me she was going to make frozen margaritas with rum. (She's from Canada) After I stopped gagging internally (I'm southern and have manners), I donated the tequila necessary to keep people from throwing up. I'm educating the public, one drink at a time. (Oh: Milagro tequila, natch, but Anejo instead of Silver. It's better for frozen 'ritas. Silver is good for on the rocks.) Alright, y'all! Drink one for me!
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