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"It's the moooooooost wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeeear!"

If you're wondering if my children are all in school today, give yourself fifty extra points because HUZZAH! I am officially the mother of a junior high student (which is WEIRDNESS, I'm only 18! Wait...) and although the bus NEVER SHOWED UP (this is our first year riding the bus) we loaded The Boy in the car, zipped him off, got the girls' lunches packed in their bento boxes, walked them to school and tap danced home. Figuratively. (It was more of a barrel roll with jazz hands)

I am going to see Superbad at noon based on southernbangels rec and maybe take a nap in an hour, I can do whatever I want!!! *walks around naked eating CHIPS and SWEARING*

Last night was our first dress rehearsal and I must say, my whore shoes are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable. No wonder strippers like them. Ha ha ha! The shorts are SO short, but my Sarah Michelle Gellar (seriously: she is her SPITTING IMAGE, but taller) co-star ends up wearing some of "my" shorts and her ass cheeks are truly hanging out at one point, so I consider myself lucky. The hunka hunka boy had two pairs of pants to try on, and I mentioned the second pair "showcased" him better, and he picked those. Heee! It's like having a legal affair, except there's no kissing or sex, just me coming on to him non-stop and him refusing me with a filthy look. So... just like real life. Ahaha.

I *do* have to kiss a guy - we have yet to meet (=/) and apparently he looks like the coach/dad on "Just The Ten of Us." Because... if you haven't kissed another man aside from your husband in over 8 years... that's the guy you want to kiss. Not Mr. Hot!Ass dusky Indian hotness. Nope, bring on the bald butterball. *head desk* (Hee! I kid.)

I spoke to entrenous88 a few times this weekend, and she and her little family seem like they are happy to be starting anew in their new place, and that was good to hear. I was left a little "meh" over the Big Love season finale last night and I LITERALLY held a hand up to the screen to block out greasy weenie dude when Sarah and he have sex. EeeeeeeeEEEEeeeew! That guy makes my SKIN CRAWL. Ben, too. They need to pack some meat on that kid's bones so he doesn't look so awkward bodied. (Granted, they both are PERFECT at looking like typical Utah guys. Bleh.) Bill makes me sick - the whole Anna situation is irritating. Margene is innocently sweet about it, but... Geh. The best show on Sunday nights remains the BBC/Discovery Channel's The Blue Planet. Absolutely stunning. My little marine biologists are in hog heaven with that on the tube. (Note for those with sensitive kids/selves: anytime you see seals... Just leave the room at the 2 minute mark. Inevitably the Orcas will show up, and it made my Emily - and me - cry. :( Orcas are just horrid. I mean, I know they need to eat. But they're so cruel. Ditto on leaving when the clip with the grey whale and her baby airs. Leave as soon as you see the black fins crest behind them. Come back after five minutes. Trust me.)

I'm going to crank up The Chronic or some other dirty-worded music and enjoy my house. MY HOUSE IS MINE AGAIN!!! *gets krunked up*

(And happy birthday piratequeen!! I hope you have a FABULOUS day. *hearts my Kat(i)e/Gwyn*
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