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moosesal gave me the letter "L" to name 10 things of which I love, starting with that letter. (this will make sense under the cut.)

  1. Liquor! Mmmm, the liquor I had for lunch today. I haven't had much lately, what with me needing to maintain for filming but I said a big ol' fuck it and had a few margaritas with lovely lovely liquor. Tequila to be specidfic. And Chambord. And Grand Marnier. And tequila. I think they fit some lime juice and a squeeze of lemon in there somewhere... Mmmm. liquor. I don't like beer. I can tolerate wine on occasion. I like the hard stuff. I started with Glenlevet and Jack when I first was naughty with the demon drink, because I wouldn't get carded. Who would card a 19 year old ordering scotch? Not this gal!

  2. Ladies. I love me some ladies. By which I mean elegant women. I'm fascinated by how they stand, how they walk, how they move their hands... Being a Southern girl, we're always taught to be a lady. Unfortunately, I had a mother that said that out of one side of her mouth and swore and drank out of the other. Lady = Audrey Hepburn. I could watch her for hours.

  3. Laura. (Not me, Laura Ingalls Wilder.) And I need to further explain by saying Laura of the BOOKS. I loved LHotP when I was a girl, but I watch it now and cringe. I love the Laura that sewed shirts for extra money for her Ma. Laura who's best friend was Mary (who "went with" Cap Garland) and who lived with the Brewsters for her first teaching assignment and cried herself to sleep because they were such ugly people. And didn't those Garth Williams illustrations make those books so much more real to you? Every time she talked about her clothes, I wished I had a pale green lawn dress. :) I used to imagine bringing her back into our time where we could be best friends and I'd show her how everything worked. Or vice versa. NERD ALERT.

  4. Larders. One of my favorite places at my grandma's was their stone-lined basement, loaded with shelves and freezer units. (You can take the girl out of the Mormon church, but...) I have had it hammered in to have a 2 year supply of food and needs since I was little. I love big, huge pantries and storage rooms. Lame, but hey. Preparedness is a turn on. :D

  5. Laughing. That hard belly laugh where you almost can't breathe and your vision starts to fade? God, I love that. Just being caught off guard by someone's words or actions making that completely unfakeable reaction. Awesome. You can fake crying, you can fake anger, but you can't fake a laugh.

  6. Lavender. The plant. I have several in my garden, and they make me so happy! Their little bee-shaped blossoms, the wonderful smell, the EASE of growing? Yes.

  7. Learning. Sometimes I really miss being in school. I love sitting in a class room, a lecturer/professor who so clearly loves what they're doing and is knowledgeable... The last class I was in was for my master Gardener certification, and I was like a pig in shit listening to these experts talk about subjects I was fascinated by.

  8. Leo! My "star sign" and my favorite animal. I'm a complete and utter Leo, even though I have NO BELIEF whatsoever in astrology. But... Read everything about a Leo and there's me, down to the obsession with our hair. :)

  9. Lightening. A good thing about living here in Texas is that we have amazing electrical storms. (Um... if you like them. Which I do.) I love sitting on my porch at night watching the lightening streak across the sky. If it's also raining, we'll open up all the blinds and sit in our living room where we tend to have a great view of the storms rolling in.

  10. Lockets. I have ALWAYS wanted a locket. They're so romantic to me, for whatever reason. I blame LM Montgomery. :) I loved the idea of having a picture and a locket of hair from someone you loved. Having a Widow's Peak would be cool, too. And a black satin dress with puffed sleeves. (Double Puffs, Marilla. Hahaha.)

SO! If you want a letter, lemme know and I'll give you one!

As for me, I'm going to have another margarita as it's a million-fifty degrees outside and play with my new digital camera, WHOOOO! This may be the last time I get to post/communicate, as I start filming this weekend. (Nicholas Brendon will be In Mah House on Sunday - I have permission to make out with him, should the offer arise, ahahaha [ETA] JEEZ, white women! "In mah house" means in my AREA. Not my actual four walls. Also: see "tipsy" while writing this) I plan on taking loads of behind the scenes pictures and will share/update soon.

Have FABULOUS weekends, everyone!! *hugs you all*
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