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Things I Know

1. I hate and all that it represents.

2. When I only eat two pieces of fudge and a bowl of cereal, I get a headache after typing for five hours.

3. It feels REALLY good to excercise all by myself. Especially at dusk, and outdoors.

4. If I yawn and check my watch several times, the stalker swinger neighbors will not get the hint to leave.

5. The Bible is far more interesting when one is stoned. Otherwise, holy crap! (Don't believe me? Read Genesis 19 where Lot offers his virgin daughters to the Sodomites, or Gen. 38: 7-9. Masturbation is bad, Mm'kay? Uh, how does this help us be better humans?)

6. I make the best damn fudge on planet Earth. You'll just have to come over and find out, won't you?
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