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first off, it's important that you know I am typing with my knuckles. Like an APE. I have talons on my fingers right now for the movie (fake acrylic nails over 2 inches in length), and I had to get help pulling my pants up and buttoning them. *facepalm* It's elastic waisted running shorts for me until the shoot is over. I like playing with my hair, but everything else is incredibly difficult. Thank goodness there's a spell check on Semagic. But let's face it: you want to see a pic of Nicholas Brendon, not hear about me. *g*

Nick on set for BotH

I know, I know, you want to see his face, but all of those shot have images from the movie in them, and I can't post them publicly. But I'll say this: totally cool, very funny and goofy, a little spazzy and dorky, and just hung out with us like we all had been friends before (It's a small cast.) No one was bugging him for autographs, etc, and you could tell he liked just being some guy on a set. Later that night when the extras showed up for exterior shots, they started asking for pics, etc, and his demeanor changed. He became "Nicholas Brendon," very professional and kind, but "working" instead of the giggling, relaxed dude from earlier. I did not ask for his autograph; I thought that would be lame after hanging out all day.

But I will be seeing him at the premiere, which is cool. Also, I can answer "boxers or briefs?" *cough* I saw a lot of Nick. *EG* Oh, and I saw a tattoo of his that I don't think many people have ever seen before... Ha! Yes, I'm totally gloating. I'll stop now. :)

OH OH!! I forgot: he's a big fan of Will Ferrell and we each did our "Harry Carray" impressions. MY WORLDS COLLIDED, PEOPLE. Okay, my knuckles ache. Jesus, how am I going to survive with these things on???
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