Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

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drive by keyboard mash

things i miss:

  • my fingertips
  • y'all
  • daylight
  • comfortable clothes
  • being single (jesus there are some hot guys on set)
  • being attractive (good hell, I'm Jeri Blank, but trashier. Which is funny, true) Getting "eww" looks is soul crushing after a week. [/emotastic!]
  • more than 4 hours sleep at a time (6pm - 8am shoots)
  • not being coated in "blood" (my contacts are stained pink, I kid you not.)
  • my family
  • acting all the time (I'm seriously happy, even though I'm tired. This thing will be FUNNY.)

My knuckles hurt. The nails (talons) come off Tues. \o/ ( - they need local extras Fri-Sun. - DFW area)

Tags: both, movie magic

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