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Why did I watch the Emmys?

Is it just me, or is the Emmys becoming more and more boring every year? I watched in hopes of Jon Stewart/TDS or the Colbert Report would win and give us a funny acceptance speech, but Tony freaking Bennet won? I was also disappointed that Alec Baldwin didn't break into his hilarious Tony Bennet impression while on stage. Meh. However, I am glad I watched for one reason: one woman had some really weird boob action, and I had to pause the DVR, drag my husband in, and make sure I wasn't going crazy.

I have no idea who this actress is. I have no idea what show she is on. And I have no idea how her handlers could have let her out without taping her tube boobs up into some roundish fashion, instead of going for the coke bottle look. OH MY GOODNESS. They're not even pointing in the same direction - or are the same LENGTH. <-- a word not to be used in conjunction with breasts.

Do not think that those are unfortunate folds in her dress. We paused it on our TV (large and in charge HD) and you could see nipple action. That is what happens when you lose too much weight, people: you lose it from your boobs and they take on the appearance of deflating bottles. Ack.

Had a fabulous weekend with too much good food (is there such a thing?) good times with my sweetheart of a cousin, and a wrap party for Blood on the Highway Saturday night that kept me out until 4am. \o/ I'm still tired. Man alive, there are some fun people involved with this. Best of all was hanging with my hilarious sister and her fiance, and my buddy Casey who does the BEST Christopher Walken impression. Laughed my ass off for six hours that night. YAY! Oh, and I will be working on another film this December, which is tres exciting. (Not the sequel to BotH - another movie!) Life is fine, people. Life is fine. There are friends, comfy beds, good smelling foods, people I love... Good times.

I spoke with entrenous88 this morning and it brightened my day - and now I want to bake a pie. Yesterday was the FANTASTIC marenfic's birthday, and I promise to give her spankings to her in person when she comes to visit (with southernbangel in less than two weeks (WHOOOOOO!) and I may just take a nap with a book outside in our cooling weather. AHHHH, Life is so pleasant!! There's something I'm forgetting... I'll ETA if I think of it. Off to go exercise, then do some laundry and book reading (Which Lie Did I Tell? by William Goldman, and Vellum, by Hal Duncan.)

Are you all happy today?! Do you have something delicious to eat? Something to look forward to? Good music? <3 <3 <3 <3 (Oh, Lynne - I'll have your song in a few hours. It slipped my mind, but I'll get on it now!)
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