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It's Wednes... It's Friday!

Yay for this week zooming by, holy smokes. I'm worn out, and still have loads to get done today. Something that is making me VERY happy is that I found (like how Born Agains find Jesus - he wasn't missing, you just didn't know about it) Elizabeth Fraser. Who is Elizabeth Fraser you might be asking? She's the lead singer of The Cocteau Twins, one of my most favorite "unplug from life and float on a cloud" bands of all time. She sounds like she's singing in another language - my sister and I used to think/speculate that they were Finnish, or something. She just mangles her words on purpose, and it's amazing how you can CARE about what she's saying without having a damn clue as to what she's saying. :D

She has done some songs with Massive Attack, with Peter Gabriel (!!) and was the UNCREDITED SINGER on the Lord Of The Rings soundtracks, esp. Isengard Unleashed. AWESOME! (I'm listening to the song with Peter Gabriel and... it doesn't sound like him, but it's from his CD. Huh. It's pleasant, if not a bit too twee/folk festival for me.) Have at it, if you like it. And if someone could send over some lunch, that would be great. I'm starving! (Not literally. Figuratively. Hee!)

Cherry Coloured Funk - Cocteau Twins
Pitch The Baby - Cocteau Twins
Silent Spring - Massive Attack w/ Elizabeth Fraser
Downside Up - Peter Gabriel (?) and Elizabeth Fraser
Claire de Lune - Debussy (I put this in because when my cousin was here last week, she was approving the piano my father made her - you read that right *is proud* and she sat down after touching the beautiful rosewood and played this song flawlessly. Not only is this a beautiful piece of music, it was wonderful to hear it played so well on an instrument my father made with his hands.)

HAVE EXCELLENT WEEKENDS. I'm off in search of FOOD, zomg. (And I'll have to zip up Isengard Unleashed for those wanting it, as it's too large for's free account size.)
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