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Aww, Marcel Marceau died. A legion of men in black and white striped shirts are miming tears. Also: METALOCALYPSE HAS BEGUN. For those of you not in the know, it is only the greatest cartoon about the greatest fake metal band in history. It's ridiculously violent, the music is awesome, and it's HILARIOUS. You can catch up on episodes at Doodley Ding Dong Tick Tock. \m/ -- _ -- \m/

I have learned that has a firefox add-on so you can manage your account from your browser. COOL. (It took me a second to realize that I could click on "Flickr" on the manage screen to get to I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer.) I've got a massive To Do list today including a trip to the DMV, I'm behind on some comments, reading, etc. As penance, I bring you happy making music for a Monday: film music from 60s Italian erotic movies!

Have a great day! (And happy birthday to wolfling!)
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