Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

Things That Are Awesome

1. This clip from SNL. ( lyrics ) Isn't Free Speech wonderful? :D

2. The rough-cut trailer for my movie I saw this weekend (I'm waiting for it to be uploaded to the official site before sharing it - it's HILARIOUS. We watched it a good 15 times at my party Friday night. \o/)
3. That stuff like this happens in the world - WHAT ON EARTH. Anytime you feel like you may be a bit of a nerd, just remember there is a woman who sold her poon for VIRTUAL GOLD in WoW. And thinks she's coming out on top in this matter. Goodness. [ETA] forgot to link, derp! Also, click on the pics to enlarge. EPIC MOUNT, INDEED.
4. I'm officially on imdb with my stage name - I'm waiting for my resume to show up there.
5. I'm being taken out to a Fine Dining experience tonight, which is fantastic, because the Mr. and I never get to go on dates. (It's Dean Fearing's new joint!)
6. The high humidity today! Wait...

The kids are off today for the State Fair Day, which we aren't going to, because see #6. Bleh. Time to get out the "projects for a rainy day" box. (Thank you Lee for filling that up!)
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