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Lemmiwinks! I'm sacrificing Mr. Slave for you all...

So, I'm borrowing this idea from karabair where I put the first lines of my fics out here in the ether, and you make up a little drabble, ficlet, thought, whatever with it in the comments.

1. Albert was failing school. The weather was turning warmer, Miss Wilder had a voice in just the right pitch to make a young man of fifteen close his mind off, and his seat was near the window. Plus, there were issues with the view.

2. Sex is a taboo in all religions. Most of the Bible belt religions view sex as a an ugliness that must be borne in order to bring about God's children within the confines of marriage.

3. One thing my Pawpaw did come back with from the war was a well developed sense of mean.

4. The first time I thought our family was weird was when I was six.

5. Buffy checked the ad to be sure she had the address right.

6. Buffy had an evil grin on her face as she shut off her computer. She sashayed into her bedroom and found her husband exactly where she found him every night.

7. It started off as a rehearsal. A private rehearsal

So, wanna play? Anything and everything is accepted and wanted!

[Edit] I've written a few for
and dodyskin if you want to check them out. Come play with us, Daneeee....

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