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I stopped by a pretty cross vine to grab a seed pod on my walk today and a mile after that, noticed something in the corner of my vision and had THIS walking up my boob, ready to leap into my nostril and lay its babies in my brain, where ten minutes later, I would explode in a shower of guts, sinew and BUGS.

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to take a Karen Silkwood shower. *cries*

note to any potential wankers: I admire and enjoy bugs iin THEIR habitat. My breast, flesh, brain meat, etc. is not their habitat. Thank you.

Last note: I'm sure I gave the people driving along the road (and the outdoor patron of my local Starbucks) quite the show when I leapt into the air, squealing, and hopped up and down, slapping at myself. :D
Tags: oh em gee, stoney sucks

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