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A quickie and a meme

Okay, so I have nothing spoilery to say about Heroes, but I do have this. WHY THE MADAGASCAR HISSING COCKROACH? Why? 1) that was MEXICO, not a small island off the coast of Africa and 2) even though they have that song (don't make me say it) there aren't actually cockroaches ALL OVER THE DESERT. That's in the tropical portions of Mexico. Which apparently every writer/director/cinematographer has forgotten exist. Miles and miles and miles of coast! Jungles! Mountains! MEXICO ISN'T ALL CHIHUAHUA DESERT. (Although I would welcome a job for Gringo El Burro, por he es muy triste...)

And why not go further? Where was the "oh so sleeeeeeepy" hombre in a balled/tasseled sombrero taking a siesta against a building? Where was Juan Valdez with his burro carrying Real Columbian Coffee? (Hey, they had a bug indigenous to an island in the Indian Ocean, why not coffee from Central America?) I'm very much looking forward to the Alaskan "Hero" eventually showing up and being some Inuit in a seal-fur coat spearing a narwahl (never mind they're not found in that region) and being able to cauterize the blubber off the animal with his eyes. Or the Italian Hero that wears a pin-striped suit and carries a violin case and is shifty-eyed. And it turns out the violin case is actually HIS ALTERNATE EGO, not until Kuato in Total Recall. (Okay, that would be awesome.) I'm losing interest fast...

I was tagged by dancetomato to do the icon meme, yay!

1. This was my default for a very long time, and is still one I'm super possessive of. My dad sent me the original file in a cute email, so it's sentimental in a way. Also, who doesn't like a cute, smarmy giraffe giving you the winking bidness? (I've actually had one person comment back with how freaked out/weirded out she was by my icon.) And instead of feeling bad for her, I thought she was lame. What the hell? It's a GIRAFFE. Not Freddy Krueger. The tag words "animerotic" is from one of my favorite bad!fic posts, where the author used that word to describe how awesome Spike was in bed with Buffy. O_O (the snapping aligator puss one, for those keeping score. AHAHAHA, what?!?!)

2. This is from the Edward Gorey alphabet, the Gashlycrumb Tinies. This is the letter "N" for Neville, who died of ennui. I use this for my sad icon, or afraid, because he's hiding behind the brick wall, just his eyes peeking over. I know that's not the def. of ennui, but the picture is wonderfully woeful. Also, I adore Edward Gorey, and get excited if anyone recognizes what it's from.

3. MmmmmmMMmmm. Nothing like kissing being canon. That thing of beauty is Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christiansen snogging before a premiere. That picture floated around fandom for a while, but this was the prettiest of them all. Good hell, that's a lot of pretty in there. (And for newcomers, I wrote a quasi-decent long-fic about them that needs beta'ing, but I love love LOVE it because I see this icon and happily sigh. Mmmmm. Hitting all my kink buttons since Attack of the Clones. Shut it. I know it's a crappy movie, but they made sword noises at each other! And made out!!)

4. Anne! Anne Shirley and her bosom friend Diana! *clutches hands to chest and plays Lady of Shalott* Oh, how I love Anne. And Diana. And if anyone knows of REALLY WELL WRITTEN fanfic with Anne/Diana, let me know, pretty please. There's NONE. And ... I can totally see it. I'm just saying. :) (Although Anne belongs to Gilbert. <3)

5. AHAHAHAHA. I love this icon. And I have fears of using it with humor-challenged people, because they might think I'm dissing them, which I'm not. Which is why people like dovil are the best ever, because I can make her cry the easiest. (Shhh - she's a totaly crybaby. But hey, she left LJ, so who are you going to believe? Me? Or that crybaby that ran away? That's what I thought. Hahahah.) I love the goofy manatee just full of joy and joyment and wonder... I like to think she came from Candy Mountain (Charrrrrrrrlie!) and is full of vim and love and vigor. And the shark is helpless, as they are. I even have little voices I use when I see this icon. Manatee is all high pitched and filled with wonder (not unlike Doug Henning) and Shark is a lot like Xander in EntreNous' fish stick stabbing icon, "Nooo!"

6. Who didn't love getting to watch Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet in 9th Grade? NUDITY. And seriously, that actor has a Grade A booty. Also, Olivia Hussey is so beautiful, she makes birds weep (if a bit laughy in most of her deliveries.) I need to watch that movie again. (And *cough* if anyone knows of a well-written Mercutio/Romeo fic out there.... I'm just saying. Oooh! Or Tybalt/Mercutio!) So anyway, back to this perfect tush... I remember my teacher trying to find the FF button on the remote when it's the scene after Romeo and Juliet have secretly gotten married and wake up, all nude and sated with their crappy 13/15 year old love making skills. Hahahaha. (They're so pretty....) And I was right there with Olivia Hussey - that is a nice looking ass.

7. I LOVE HOW SCARY THIS IS!!! I have NO idea who made it, I have NO IDEA what it's from, and if anyone can enlighten me, lemme know. Dolls are scary. Never wanted them as a kid, especially not after seeing Poltergiest and HAVING THAT CLOWN DOLL. Yipes. I love the idea of an evil doll. (Which is why that ep of Angel is so badass.)

Now I get to go to the plant store with my friend and gossip about people we know doing dumb things. \o/
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