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*points to icon for emotion today*

Today is my sister's birthday! We're going to have lunch, go shopping, talk about stupid people, laugh and share. Possibly look at each other and have feelings of joy and contentment. (Beth? I totally get an extra thirty sarcasm points for this post, which means I'm ahead of you.) I love love LOVE my sister, she's funny, pretty, enjoyable, s-m-r-t, and laughs at my jokes. What's not to love?

But we have a dark family secret, one I've only hinted at in my LJ. And it's time to be open and honest about everything. We're adults now, after all. So... Beth?

Hahahaha. (Um, for the possibly sarcastic/inappropriate humor challenged, no, she isn't.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETH.

this post brought to you by the Could Use a Good Day Foundation, a division of Things Have Been Stressful, WTF.
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