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Good freaking hell, people.

Let me start off with I'm exhausted from all the physical labor I've done today. Worn out. May not be able to reply tonight. Probably not. BUT. Apparently some things need to be said to the General Public, as the General Public keeps proving it's full of assholes.

If you're "sick and tired" of the Jews "complaining" and "constantly harping on" about the Holocaust, let me say this to you:

WHAT A LUXURY. How lucky for you to not have that ache in your heart. How lucky for you to not have to look into your uncle/aunt/grandparent's eyes and see Auschwitz or Dachau. How lucky for you to not hear your uncle/aunt/grandparent cry, remembering. How lucky for you to not have a family tree that just stops. How lucky for you to not know discrimination, to know hate, to hear whispers every day about the evilness inherent, simply because of the way you respect your god (a god usurped by the Christians, let's not forget)/the country you were born in.

Also, you could do a search/replace for "Blacks" and "slavery." Or Native Americans and the loss of AN ENTIRE COUNTRY AND LIFE. Etc. Etc.

If you get to complain about how you're tired of hearing of a minority group "bitching," please know that you are one of the lucky ones. Oh, and you need to grow up. And remember that we tell our stories so we don't repeat the dumb mistakes made over the centuries. We remind our children and grandchildren of past horrors so they will know why their Grandma walks with her head high and doesn't mind wearing sleeves that show her numbers. So our children and grandchildren will remember peace can come from the Great Spirit. So our children and grandchildren will know why it's important that they get a degree, because blacks weren't allowed into the white schools or able to have white collar jobs.

Finally, I remember in 1977 that outside my first grade classroom was a "whites only" water fountain. And Native Americans needed permission to leave the reservation to see movies. And Native Americans STILL TO THIS DAY have governors on their vehicles. That is why I keep talking - the problem hasn't been solved yet.

How about you quit your bitching and help stop the problem? I hear there's a few million in Darfur you may have been ignoring. Much love to those on my flist being maligned. You're better than the hate.
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