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If someone could bring over some candles, that would be super.

So I went to the Asian market with my friend, so she could translate for me. I scored some delicacies, of which I am most pleased (I finally found those fish flakes to season rice with! Num.) And we got a durian (Matong.) Which is known as the smelliest fruit known to man. Let me attempt to define the scent for you: If you have, say, a baby of the age of 9 months, who really really likes spinach, and they get an intestinal disorder, causing them to go through a lot of diapers. Then, after, oh... three days of dirty spinach-poo diapers you put that out in the hot sun and throw on top of it some over-ripe strawberries, just growing fuzz.

There. That's the smell.

So you break open this spiny pod the size of a bowling ball, and the insides look like intestines. "But it's delicious!" I'm told. "It's so creamy and custard like!" they say. I exhale sharply through my nose to get the said spin-poo-berry stink from my sinuses and take a mouthful. It is definitely creamy textured. Very cold custard-ish. And I can taste the spin-poo-berry. But then... it goes away. And it tastes like smoky cheese - very smooth and aromatic, and sweet at the end.

I ate a bunch. My buddy was shocked - and pleased - that I liked it. (She leaned against my counter, smiling, waiting for me to make an EWWWWW face.) I wrapped up the pod covering and the seeds in three plastic bags to throw away. The remainder of the custard-intestine is in a plastic container, wrapped twice in Saran. The smell is barely noticeable that way. My kitchen, however, smells of summertime in the toddler pen on fruit cup day. >.<

In conclusion, this picture is maybe one of the funniest things I have seen in a loooooong time.

Apparently, the owner made a bunch of these posters and put them up all over Baltimore recently. *g* (I kind of think the dog looks a little evil, though. Like Evil Bert.)
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