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Good Lawd.

Y'all I caught the lurgy this weekend and spent the whole of it wrapped up in too many layers, tissues popping out of every sleeve, pocket, hat, or, when the sweating commenced, half-naked and sprawled on the cold tiles of my kitchen. And back and forth. But don't worry - no sympathy! Because this was the kind of lurgy that had me dropping weight, and I NEVER get that flavor of ill. \o/ I am that sick, twisted person that hears of people losing five or ten pounds when they have the flu and angrily snap off a piece of jerky (or... cake) and wonder why I never get that. I've been actively searching for a good ol' case of E. bola, to no avail. :D (anyone remember that ep of South Park where the parents get Kenny, who has the chicken pox, to spit in their kids' mouths so they'll get it? Ahaha. Um, I'm easily sidetracked today, apparently.)

Because my friend Jennifer (of the 60 dollar candle, for those keeping track with the home version) took me to the Asian food market and translated packaging for me (nothing is in English there), I was able to make my beloved seaweed/flower soup and eat up on that all weekend. Mmmmmmmm. The kids looooved it. They're weirdos, what can I say? I also downed loads of rice sprinkled with Seto Fumi Furiake (fish flakes) and that is the PERFECT thing to eat when you're craving salt. Good lord, I'm hungry. (Feed a fever? Or feed a cold? I never remembered that properly...)

Other things: I obtained the most coveted (for me) machine of all machines available to a haus frau this past week, a Dyson vacuum. *cue angelic choir* I spent a good hour getting Sally Derg (my dog) to relax around it so I could use the upholstery attachment and de-thatch her fur. \o/ Now to get the cats to let me vacuum them... (Oh my god, I love this vacuum. No, like, I LOVE it. It's a freaking vacuum cleaner, I know. BUT! I would cheat on my husband with this thing. Um... that came out wrong.)

I blew off my NaNoWriMo writing all weekend (see: ill and supine on tiles) and I was doing so well: 10% done by the 2nd day! So, I have a lot of catching up to do today. Oh, also? Do not buy green tea soaked pumpkin seeds. They are vomit-ocious. I passed (thankfully) on the licorice-soaked watermelon seeds, too. (When I asked Jennifer why the hell they made something so vile, her response was "We're Asian. We eat anything." Ahaha.) For those curious, all the durian is gone. I ate some more, then my husband begged me to throw it out. The garage (we have a fridge out there) was starting to smell like grandpa jerky farts. Bleh.

I need breakfast, to finish adding the recipes I outlined on my last post, then get cracking on some word count. And have more seaweed soup. Someone come wash my sheets for me, please. And then do the dishes. And mop. I've got a whole bag of green tea pumpkin seeds for you...

[ETA] I forgot to mention... how freaking BAD ASS were the Cowboys last night!? Dude. Witten getting his helmet knocked off (pulled, if you ask me. Tchuh.) and STILL getting us to the 6 yd line for a next play score. Aw, yeah. All those people that laughed when we took TO? Who's laughing now? 7-1, baby. Super Bowl is in our sights. "There's a lot of love in those boos." Hahahaha!
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