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As it is blustery today, I will not be stepping outside for fear of blowing away. Also, the wind is my arch-nemesis. It is the evil that blows my hair onto my lip gloss, screws up my perfectly coiffed hair-do *laughs* and makes my clothes all twisty. Do I recall a bad day with a wrap mini-skirt, grannie panties, a boy I fancied walking near, and a windy day? Yes, I do. And I'll never forget. NEVER! *steely gaze into my painful past* Also, I don't like dust in my eyes - I'm funny like that.

So! Y'all think I'm an academic, I suppose, and that my poll yesterday was for a paper, or something. Confession time: I was just curious. But I did appreciate those that wanted to make sure they didn't skew my data. Um, you didn't. Over all I learned that I have a lot of educated people over 25 participating in my journal. Most of us had punishments of some form, and most of us had varying forms of responsibility around our houses growing up. In other words, I have a good flist. *G*

The Mister is on a business trip this week, #2 is at Science Camp until tonight (left Mon. morning) so our family is down to three this week, and it's been very nice. Um, I don't like to think that #2 is an instigator of arguing, etc., but she is a 10 year old girl, and most times forgets that I'm the mom. As a result, there hasn't been arguing and "STOP TOUCHING ME. MOOOOOM!" in the house, and it's been wonderful. (I do miss my girl, don't get me wrong.) The house is clean, the laundry done, the dishes washed *checks* yeah, dishes washed, I've exercised, I've showered.... I have no excuses to not dive into NaNo. What the hell is wrong with me?? I think I'm going to work on a second project to get my word count today. (It's not cheating when that was your rule in the beginning.)

For those that sent me links yesterday, yes, I'm fully aware that Nicholas Brendon mentioned our movie Blood on the Highway at the Con this weekend, because I obsessively check news articles on my movie. Because hey - I'm proud of it. :) Also, our director/producer is scheduled to talk to Dimension films (this week? I believe so) about purchasing it, which would be seriously awesome. Because of the WGA strike, the idea of having a movie ready to go is very appealing. Yay for independent filmmakers!

(Also: I'm still ADORING Pushing Daisies as one of the nicest and cleverest new TV shows - is Time Burton involved? It looks like it has his visual touch. I also really, really like Chuck for a fun movie, and it doesn't hurt that he's a total hunky nerd guy - my Achilles heel.) Nose to the grindstone... (I need to spend an hour looking at cat macros first, right? RIGHT?!)
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