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In which I ramble, or in other words: a regular day

First, Happy Birthday to my big sis, beadbeauty who is way old today. (HAHAHA. Seriously, though, Tiff: science is coming up with all sorts of ways to reverse the horrors of the aging process, so buck up, little camper. Good thing you sell that skin cream, huh?) Note to readers: she's only 22 months older than me, so I'm being facetious.

Also, I meant to post about this the other day, but I'm a spazz. There was an AWESOME NOVA program on PBS (our public broadcast channel, for those out of the US, and you can watch it online) about putting "Intelligent Design" on trial. Hooo boy, not much makes me crazier than people trying to pass off their religious beliefs as science. What it is that bothers me specifically is how much of a bully tactic "ID" is: it's clearly one loud group's version of the "creation" story. Where's the equal time for the other creation stories? Thor? Ra? Muhammed? The Sun God and the Spider Woman? Pang Gu inside the Big Black Egg? (Yes, I studied my Joseph Campbell.) And why not have all Christian faiths represented, not just Southern Born Agains' version? Ridiculous.

Oh, also? It's SCIENCE class. If you want to teach your kids a mythological story about some supernatural being grabbing clay and making us to look like him (I always think of that Far Side cartoon with God making snakes by rolling clay in his hands. "These are a cinch!" Heeee!), or whatever your religion's creation story is, then teach your kids that AT HOME and AT CHURCH. Public school is not the place for indoctrination. Believe what you want, just... keep it out of our public schools. Before I log out to get back to my word count (20,843 so far, eeep) I'll leave you with a reminder of how far we've come in the world of science... Hahahaha.

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